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Survivor 17 Update!!

Survivor XVII:

The Buzz Kill

Where in... we get to see one team go racial in time for Dom Jeff to whip out the strap-ons and make ‘em all line up for a quick rewind to a school yard pick’em with “ranks” and “last place” and all the fun that goes with that… Meanwhile, Sugar is kinda morphing into the queen. Sugar-Queen, Killer-Queen… you just wait and see. :D

The Sizzle
(aka "The Flashy Quick Review)
The bitchy little girl (#2) at Camp Kota is all whiney about losing her Paloma (BLG #1) but the real fun is at Thong where they’re listening to Randy (of the strangely sphincter-like mouth) tell ‘em they’ve plowed through wwwwway too much rice and they need to start rationing and where we’re watching the white folk getting together in the jungle to lay their dastardly plans against them rotten coloured folk back at camp. Matty is as happy as he can get with his little inter-tribe alliance but Dom Jeff has other plans. They meet on the field of a reward game only to find themselves ranking one another and then tossing their buffs to have a new school yard pick’em setting new groups – same tribe names… just new kids. Kelly (BLG#2) gets tagged last and Jeff does his best to rub it in. Sugar-snacks is the odd-man out after equally distributing the players so she gets to go spend four days at Exile (and with the Immunity Idol in hand), she gets to pick “Luxury” over another clue and officially chill her pills till somebody tosses someone aside and she gets to fill in the gap. Matty is less than happy … calling the whole affair a big ol “Buzz Kill”. :D We’ve gone from through two days and arrive at day 12 for a game of Water Lacross for immunity. The new team-Thong can’t do it and lose to Randy – with his superior dumb-luck, and because Crystal (the Olympian) can’t figure out how to row a raft anywhere but in circles. (Spaz). They make a big deal out of wanting to toss BLG#2 into the pit, but for some strange reason they decide that Ace and Jackie represent a difficult alliance… so they go see Jeff and hand him Jaxs on a plate. Bummer.

The Spit
GC – who can’t seem to stop calling himself a pimp – has so little concept of how to be anything but a pain in the ass. “A pimp can’t catch a break.” “What’s a pimp gonna do?” Dude… just keep playing and you’re sure to find out.

The Fire
Jeff supervises the ouster of Jackie… despite all the editing that was done to make us think that Kelly was heading for camp loser. Oh, and look who’s not here? Sugar-snacks, who is way busy lounging in a comfy hammock and eating pineapple.:) Looks like she’ll be coming home to Thong. And with her idol I’m hoping she can pull a little moxy out of her navel and go all the way. :)

The Shit
It’s the way of it with this show… the weak and pathetic band together to stomp out the fun, exciting – and, as a student of the show, I can safely attest “the pretty”. So in the end a bunch of weak, ugly, pathetic losers, battle it out for the prize. Well, ok… not always always… but I’d rather have seen Kelly the BLG go and Jax hang in. :D

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