Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, Oct. 8

Coming to you live from a hotel in downtown Ottawa... Big company meeting... Kinda "command performance" time.
Waiting for hours to get fed... listening to forever-speeches.

A very gray day... With two exciting moments; fire alarm at work (holy freaking loud), and me Belkin "tune base" for my iPhone.... (tres cool)

~ work...
~ meet with a mentor to talk about my future
~ edited to protect the ... me
~ go to painful, long meeting
~ I had a working blue tooth keyboard that would pair with my iPhone

~ I think think the black guy is going to beat the muppet!! and the calm guy is going t beat the fake hockey Mom

me? Dude, the plot thickens !!!!!! :)

I'm hungry!!!!
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