Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 5

~ and yes that is an eight year old shirt...
I was cold and grabbed the first long-sleeve I could find. :D

Happy Anniversary to us...
Seventeen years ago today... :)

October 5, 1991
And that was four years after we started living together...
So while we celebrate 17... we know it's been 21. :)
Through trials of the heart...
Testing of patience and resolve...
We can celebrate this year with the greatest sense of
comfort, peace and love that has blessed our union in
all the years we have been together.
We are blessed...

~ sleep in. :)
~ make waffles for the boys... strawberries, whip cream, maple syrup... yum. :)
~ hoping to go for a bit of a nature walk... going to go find a trail somewhere. :D
~ amazing race is on tonight... and I think DEXTER is too. :D :D :D
~ that innerly gets better sleeps...
~ for n5iln to get all.... warm and fuzzy. :)
~ and that jjnslat... says something.!

Birthday moments...
Happy (Late) birthday demyankee!! May the year ahead keep you safe in the crime-zone... er... school. :D I hope you had a wonderful birthday. :)
And today... Happy birthday little miss Precocious... :D (mentalconundrum) Have a lovely day today and may this birthday kick off a year of great happiness in the life and times of you.

Dear Desperate Housewives:
I really dislike everyone on the show.
Did you really mean to do that?
'cuz it's really not drawing me in.
Just say'en.

Zee and I watched "Flawless" last night.
This must have been a wonderful book.
It was an ok movie... thoroughly watchable... but not a real zinger by any stretch.
I have a natural aversion to Demi Moore, so I guess it's a mark on the plus side that we watched it at all. :)
Good story... filling in some small piece of the larger story, almost by accident, that is told in the movie "Blood Diamonds".

Sandy Renaldo (weekend anchor for the CTV 11PM news)... was kidnapped, shoved in a huge black mail bag that must have been locked shut... then was about to be hidden away for a ransom... when she escaped her captors. She was whisked to the CTV studios where they cut a flappy hole in the top of the bag, she shoved her head through... and then sat there delivering the news.
Or she has a really crummy personal shopper.
Either one...
You choose. :)
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