Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

sorry but...

just getting a little bit out there again... man life is sweet!!!

I'm sitting at my desk again.. just got back from a little break to walk in the sun of a beautiful day ... little breezy... but otherwise sunny and, well, the kind of weather that just seems to make everybody look good. Got a call from a coworker at an old governement job I had and she started groaning when I answered her questions about how my job was going... I guess I said great too many times in a row. :D

I'm feeling a little bit like it's time to start polling the team again... but I'll save that for tomorrow... maybe that way I'll be able to say "last night." haha....

I wish I could just pull these rose coloured glasses off and put them on my homies so they could see this too.

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