Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 1

Try to get some perspective... mmkay?

It was a very dreary, cold and rainy day.
Fortunately ... I can usually make the sun shine on the inside... even when the outside is covered in goosebumps.
If I could tell how... I would.
For now... all I can say is "k'mere... stand real close. I know it rubs off on people when they hug me. :D"

~ another busy day in the land of the ... well, look... my mother always said if you don't have something nice to say... hide it under a friends filter. :)
~ average day... up, dress Ed, feed Ed, Geo and myself, wave goodbye when the boys go for the bus and then get showered, dressed and to work for 8. Home in time to make dinner, clean up dinner and kill time with family stuff until we start bedtime rituals - which includes more Artimus reading (we're on "The Opal Deception". :D) and after chilling with z for a bit... collapse into bed. :) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
~ ... whataboutjen ... jeeze girl... you need some calm in that life of yours...
~ for a little better health to creep into the land of mylifeasamom... and no blaming Bruno. Daddy's always get theirs in the end!
~ and for dogesque ... gets to move soon.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to my darl'en editor... er... well she was, once upon a time... My misha. :D (willedit) and when I'm rich and decide to write a book... I'll be calling! May the year ahead bring you great happiness and big smiles.
And to the girl with the heart stoppingly beautiful smile... Happy birthday macdatty. I hope the year ahead brings you to the sorts of moments... that you dream about. :)

Dear United States Congress:
Wrapping a lump of pooh in tax cuts and candy floss doesn't change the fact that it's pooh.
Didn't your daddy tell you it's bad planning to borrow money to pay debts?
'Cuz believe me... nobody is going to buy that you all just happen to have 700 billion in the sock drawer.
When I see a thirty-something on Oprah, living off their credit cards and closing in on the breaking point...
I think "Loser... you got yourself into this..."
Is that really what you want the world to say when they look at you?

Well... for the first time in ... EVER... I hit my download limit from my ISP. 60 gig. That's almost sick. :)
(almost, but not quite... )

If you can't laugh at yourself...
You'll probably be laughed at by someone else.

~ see ya mis amigos.

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