Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 30

Another gray day in the land of gray days... Apparently this whole week will be like this.
Personally... I'd like to blow it all off and go skateboarding.
Frigg'en work... always gets in the way of the good things in life. :)

~ dark gray day... except, I wore a blue short-sleeve shirt (no tie - 'cuz someone told me NEVER wear a tie with a short sleeve shirt)...
~ wander around in a post-dexter stupor and wake up the family... kids in showers... zee in shower... breakfasts... school bags, school bus, my shower... dressing... and stumbling out to the car... stumbling back... meeting Zee half way as she hands me my forgotten car-coffee-cup and my lunch bag... :)
~ spend another day in the land of the crazy people... and yes... I honestly believe half this organization is ready for medication...
~ quick dinner tonight... got a "banker meeting" (which is code for a get-together we have with some other seriously random people to review an investment we all made a while ago)
~ WATCH the season finale for Dexter... AND (no doubt) watch the season opener for season 3. Love the Dex. :)
~ to smile at the many dreams of tonya...
~ that the turning of these pages keep on bringing heatherbell the good vibes...
~ and for canuckgirl ... to find a little motivation. :D

Two Views:
~ It's funny how the ebb and flow of fortune often drags the average joe and all the undeserving siblings down and the non-socialist state tells folks that they're going to have to knuckle under and tough it out. Of course, now that the state is is on the down side... well, they're not so much into the whole "toughing" anything out.
~ The government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the establishment of social programs and services over the last fifty years... and who have been the benefactors of all that support? Well now the people who operate at the other end of the spectrum and getting hosed over and it's time for the gov to take care of them...
GAH!!! I kind of threw up in my mouth a little while I was typing that...
Ug!! ick... I have to go wash my hands...

when you stop being a student...
... you're dead.

There is something like an electrical storm going on in my head.

~ peace...

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