Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 29

~ accidentally clicked into the wrong sort of community...
I mean, seriously... sphincter-of-the-day? ygtbfkm...

Ok, so seriously now (as if that's possible)...
It's been a very gray day. It's cold and icky...
and all I want is blazing sunshine to photograph the leaves!! :(

~ work clothes... beige day...
~ I kind of alternate between the dark gray and beige pants...then accessorize with shirts and ties.
~ of course, getting home from work is like a race to the closet to get back into jeans and a tee.
~ to watch Chuck!
~ to watch Dexter (on season two... epi 10... sweet mercy this show has me in a vice grip!!! - it's almost all I can think about!!!)
~ but first... I want to see if I can write something up about Amazing Race. :)
~ that a sweet friend, "my little nutmeg"... finds her way around a corner and that something is there!!
~ to send a smile to mexico... er... to innerly... just 'cuz...
~ and to thank nerdular for making me smile...

What the heck ever happened to:

"Give a man a fish and he eats tonight... Teach a man to fish, and you don't have to spend 700 billion dollars on fucking fish."


Innocence hides beneath the surface of youth,
Beyond the reckoning of harsh judgments and questionable behavior.
It is not that a young girl is pure or that a boy behaved.
Virtue, it seems, has very little to do with innocence.
Youthful innocence is the blissful unawareness of life's true cost.
The fourteen year old manipulative skirt in eyeshadow and a thong...
The overdeveloped fifteen year old torso or the foul mouth and jeans drooping to his knees...
The hooligan pitching a broken bottle...
The harlot with a smoke in one hand, and a pregnancy test in the other...
Innocence... being shown the door.
The behaviors of this innocence are only pale reflections of the surrounding adults,
Packaged and sold by adult media everywhere the eye can look,
Without all the fine print.
Innocence is not found in the absence of the fine print,
but rather in the complete lack of the ability to comprehend it's meaning... even if it were there.
And shame stains the the hands of those holding innocence against the words and demanding that they be read.
This is nothing but the pathetic jealousy of those that would steal innocence and deny...
That there should be time enough for innocence to find it's own way to the door.

I know what love is.
I know love.
I love.
~ so bite me.

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