Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 26

Today was nice... despite the other stuff... and losing my cc...
But still nice.
Not too hot... good day for a fair. :)

Big "country fair" in the little town near us (Carp, Ontario).
Geo anticipates this for weeks... the day spent with his friends at a fair-grounds!
As do a seeming endless stream of kids his age... :D

~ up ... wwwway too late... ended up driving Ed to school (Geo was "day off" boy to go to the Carp Fair with his buds)
~ Bail on work at lunch (having booked the afternoon off) and drive home...
~ Zee and I go get Ed (who had been at the carp fair all morning doing the Animal Farm stuff with his class)
~ and spend all flipping day in lines and loud noise while we get Ed into position to have his freak on with Rides.
~ pizza for dinner (Geo still out with friends at fair) and discover that I cannot find my credit card... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
~ cancel credit card... sigh
~ go get Geo at 10:00...
~ now it's now and it's after groceries and snacks...
~ I could find my credit card!!! :(

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday tou to aireal... where ever you are. :) (I hope all is well and that the next year keeps you safe).
A big happy birthday to suzzy-kity (kitykity) ... little miss bourbon street... :) May your family be blessed and I hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday. :)

HB meck13... smile on us.

America and debt.
America is the biggest debtor country in the world.
They have borrowed up to their eyeballs from China, The EU... everywhere.
And now they need to come up with 700 billion to float the bankers.
There truly is no way of avoiding the truth.
These are the last days of an empire.
Sucks to be you man...

"Canada's Traveling Theme Park".
Screw you ... you horrible evil people.
Safety harnesses that pop open on rides? Rides like the "Drop Zone"?
Geo had several stories... and lemmi tell ya, if it was me on a ride and the harness popped open... I'd be all over that freaking Ride Dude so bad he'd think he was attacked by a wolverine (if, of course, I lived long enough to get at him). And for sure I'd have them shut the ride down. Geeeeeeezus!!!
Scares me to imagine geo even witnessing a tragedy like that worst-case coming to pass... let alone being involved!
Damn traveling carnivals and their crappy stupid rides.

I always smile when I see Geo in his one-black and one-white shorty sox... he's such a rebel. :D

K... I gotta go.

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