Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 22

We managed to get to the skate park yesterday...
... and while I found that Geo was very reserved - a function of the park being packed with kids
I managed to get my skate thing going nicely...
There's a feeling ... a sensation created by the weightless moment when you use your inertia to spin a 180 when your horizontal, eight feet above concrete...
You can't do it... unless you believe you can... and it's that "believing" thing that seems to be the real prize to me as a skater... I feel an insane amount of confidence and power when that stuff ... works.
Of course you'd think that crashing to the ground, discovering your "crumple zones" the hard way would be the opposite.
But this is truly one of those... "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" things.
and no... I didn't have any "crumple zone" moments yesterday. It was all good. :)
I skate to reinforce my self confidence and thrill my inner child. :D

Needless to say...Sunday was a remarkably beautiful day.

Oh, and I thought the walk way was done.
I was wrong.
There was a guy with a trenching-machine at our house today... running a conduit (with cable) all the way to the rocks we put at the end of the laneway.
I had mentioned my desire to put lights on those rocks... and presto.
And that means I get to put another power point (yes, I use ground-fault-protection) down there. This is good for electric whipper snippering and christmas lights. :)

~ new black ftls...
~ beige day... with the mickey tie
~ and yes... by the time I got to the picture zone... I was in an orange tee with my kd-lang jeans (I do not like the look of my tiny ass in these jeans).
~ Only get one junior juice up for school... as the other one has a doc appointment mid-morning
~ stand on my laneway beside the garage door and the garbage cans... watching the garbage truck drive past a good hour early... f%$#
~ be worker-boy all day herding my clients out of the darkness... like so many kittens that are still realizing their feet are attached.
~ lunch with Zee and the doc-appointment boy...
~ come up with a dinner plan while driving home...
~ double check what's new in TV land before I ignore the tv all evening and anticipate MORE Dexter.
~ I could find a patron of pink hair, a giant heart, and mad creativity... so this patron would point an Lj friend at inexpensive painting supplies...
~ to walk ratonil to his room... and put him to bed...
~ to weave a web of hope for geekgrrrl
~ and that pageeater gets a big lock for her mattress. :)

Ya ever think Mother Nature is just trying to ... take-out-the-garbage with all the weather-pounding of Haiti? (and don't gimmi the gears about Florida, Louisiana and Texas with the storms... those were childs play compared to the hell that rained down on Haiti this summer.

Not at all satisfied by the colloquialism "Shitter" being a reference to the actual toilet.
Truly this is just some kind of a grand mistake...
Because we all know that the "shitter" is the person in the stall next to you ripping the tape off the big imaginary cardboard box.
Even better if he / she (although I only associate this next bit to guys) gives a few "arrrrrg... OH YEAH... oooooooo errrrmph" shout-outs as the tape rips off...
This, of course, leaves us with a question as to what / who is the shittee.
I suppose if I was being all hard core, I'd say the toilet is the actual "shittee" and hence my shagrin at the misuse of "shitter"...
But I think if there's a shitter in the stall next to you... you gotta wear the shittee...
If you can survive the tape thing and all the shouting-out... you qualify.
Hence the unlikely turn of a phrase:
"Totally made the shittee by the big snarly shitter in the stall next door."

We watched Epi 10 of Season 1 Dexter last night.
This is the one with the Ice Man "couples weekend" and Dexy gets closer to his repressed childhood memory.
Angel gets stabbed...
I have to say... I mean, we watched epi 8,9 and 10 last night and we were both emotionally bar-b-q'ed by the end of 10.
Holy crap man... this is one freaking intense show.
What the heck was up with Doakes "hearing" Dexy's thoughts?????
And don't tell me... if it's "something" but man... that totally freaked me out.

~ k... time to go be busy...
ps. all the good stuff on my FL gets posted in the mornings... I wish I could post from work... but mail-post is the suckage... just doesn't work for moi. :(

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