Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 21

Yesterday... busy day.
Total Consumerism. Cost-co, Home Depot, Loblaws, starbucks (twice - free refills if you use your 'bucks card) and home...
Geo had a "date" last night ... so while he went to the movies with some girls... Suz and I took Ed to see "Igor". Cute movie... but ... you know... I'm getting sick of kids movies... :D (If the screen is 40 ft wide... I like to see things EXPLODE. :D)

Today is all about gardening and grass...
And the day is flying by!!

~ a full day of yard work...
~ I could make an extra day just to catch up and spend some time on my computer.

Birthday moments...
From Saturday...
Happy birthday velcro_girl!! I hope the family stays healthy... you stay happy and the world spins just right to set you up for some good times this year. :)

And for today
A very happy birthday to misskris... May your adventure be rewarding!!! and I do hope all is well and that you and your main squeeze are safe. :)
Happy birthday to i_beckygardens... and thank you for a very interesting journal. :D Have a lovely year sugar.
Happy birthday carefreespirit... may there come the warmth of renewal and a little love as the fall turns into your next year.
And a very happy birthday wwwwway around the world to my fav grandmommy... sneakynana. May this year keep you safe, healthy and loved.

:) Okidoki... I gotta go. :)
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