Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 19

and like... AHOY! :)

[ :: tick tick tick y'all :: ]

~ JEANS...
~ ok, black ftls, black jeans, red tee and dark button up short sleeve shirt.
~ but focus on the JEANS... to work. Ar ar ar...
~ holy dress-down-friday. :) I have no intention of beating them... so it's "join 'em" time... :D
~ well... I had planned to stay at my home office and write three docs for my clients... but they weren't down with that... so instead... I wrote one... at my noisy client office.
~ home to survey the last details about the front-walk with the leprechaun.
~ clean up kitchen... and start dinner.
~ I intend to be lazy and enjoy myself tonight. I wish I was skating... maybe I can go tomorrow... :)
~ to say that I think my fav character on all of Dexter... is his girl-friend...
~ to tell annietopia... if it's gonna come out... then take charge of bringing it... You wont get that posture back if it comes out of left field.
~ and for my little galebird ... to always be the queen of her pens. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to perfection1144... May you never run out of reasons to smile. (You've a lovely smile sugar!). :)
And happy birthday to the_jug... I hope this next year treats you well, keeps you happy, and surprises you with good friendships.
And a very happy birthday to jgurney... who I expected a GYFC pic from!!! :D I hope this next year keeps you in good health, in the company of family and on the receiving end of all the love you can handle. Your friendship is a gift. :)

Sentor McCain... honest injun... looks like a muppet... with a face lift...

How long should a DVD (memorex blanks from Future Shop) last?
I'm just getting caught up on backing up all my photo directories (home movies, photos, stuff)... by burning it all to dvds.
(Which I need to innovatively* store somehow)

Ok more construct'en. :)
See this space? (The empty one with the little bar fridge...)

(Better look)

K... and see all this stuff? (MDF? I think... looks like wood but ... isn't quite. :D)

So I start mucking about...

Change my mind a couple of times...

And end up here...

But WAIT!!!

See the zone in the middle...
I'm going to make these sliding doors (kind of a stamped tin design thing, in a wood frame) to cover the middle.
A garbage can goes in the far left side. :)
~ I'll do the seals and touch up paint'n stuff when the slider-door things are done. :)

* not actually a word, I don't think...

~ K, see ya. Have a great friday night. :)
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