Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, September 18

~ gyfc

Holy freaking fall man...
c-c-c-c-cold in the morning... and chilly in the sun all the rest of the day.
I suspect that I wouldn't mind this so much except that I'm working in this strange strange... strange place.

~ more of the same... which in this case means: Go to government building, try not to breath their crummy air, or drink the awful coffee and marvel at the many little personality disorders that have corner offices.
~ use coffee and lunch breaks to watch another episode of drama-tv (gossip girl)
~ walk into the boss's boss's office and introduce myself... get talk'en... and figure out the real reason why I'm here... er... there.
~ escape as soon as I can...
~ I had a different contract... (self edit: ignore whiny boy... just not a stellar day at the grinding wheel)
~ for thisismostlyme to get easy peasy news from the land of the MDs... and prove that everything is going to be okay!
~ that lakme gets a wrap or something... 'cuz she's gonna be c-c-c-c-cold. :)
~ and for lisabella to try real hard to enjoy moms new found vibe.... no really. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday n5iln!! May there be much bacon! (and I hope you have a wonderful year!)

Dateline China:
So Chinese officials issue warnings to their consumers concerning
the use of some toxin in the mfg of BABY FORMULA... the same
stuff that everybody had a shit attack about when they found out
it was in dog food... (melamine - sp?) and some dogs died.
Yeah... that stuff.
Seems it's KILLED some little babies in China. Oh yeah, they
found out several weeks ago... but failed to report it or issue the
necessary recalls ... because the Olympics were on and it just
wouldn't do to report bad news during the Olympics. Meanwhile
Western governments put together yet another "mission to
China" of business folks that are crawling over themselves to
set up shop in China and "capitalize" on their markets... or is
that "capitalize on their lack of market controls".
Evil is not too hard to spot these days.

Dateline America:
The closing bells in North American markets have been sounding
a lot like the rattle of empty cookie jars, but make no mistake...
these "troubled times" are exactly the conditions that make
wealthy families into the crazy-ass-wild-money-rich family
dynasties that you read about and wonder "how the hell does
someone make that much money?". When blue chip and
commodity stocks are crawling around the swamps on their
bellies... they make great investments... and they make
family names unforgettable. I'd list a few... but you might
confuse my list with a guest list to some party in the Hamptons.

The original front walk...

And then the work started...

And finished...

~ I've a few concerns and there's lots of little things left to do...
but that's pretty much the idea. (It'll look way cool at night... lots of "lighting").
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