Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 16

A quick little "daily post".
Today has been so busy!
My first chance to relax... was filled up with playing Monopoly with the family, so now it's quite late... lunches are made and I'm getting ready to hunker down. I had visions of working on the basement table... but that'll have to wait for tomorrow night. :)

~ office boy... lots of meetings...
~ home to talk to the leprechaun that is working on out new front walk...
~ to send a quiet little "hey" out to a new friend... dogesque.
~ for modernarchetype ... to enjoy the jam sessions... :)
~ and that coffee-goddess, gifgal, manages to manage the new manager.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a slightly displaced girl... (sirenity)... may the places you are... feel like home... filling your days and nights with all the love you can handle. :)

So many pictures lately... but I can't share any till the "progress reports" are reporting "done". :)
I have the "front walk" and the "basement desk" to share... :)

It's so hard to watch Saturday Night Live. :(
I love Tina... and sarah and, heck, a lot of the cast is just outstanding.
But I am not all together down with the writing.
ps. Lil'Wayne... ohmyfreakinggodthatblowspigs. Seriously... people like that k-k-k-k-k-krap?
pps.Casey Wilson... is hawt.

Everybody should own a globe.
There are remarkably inexpensive ones at wallmart.
You have no excuse.

:) see ya.

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