Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, September 12

~ purrrrcy phone... :D

"Lovely" has given way to dark and dreary... rain.
The chill in the air that was so refreshing in a brilliant sunny day... is just an irritation on a rainy day...
and another good reason to skip work and stay in bed.
Sadly... the "skip work and stay in bed" part is not in the cards.
Perhaps I'll get to do that tomorrow. :)
(nothing like a long work week to make the prospect of Saturday morning so grand).

Any one remember the tv show "Soap"???
There was this "dad" that was a bit off his nut... and his "thing" was to cross his arms in front of his face... and uncross them snapping his fingers.
After doing that, he would believe he was ... invisible. Like... he would then believe whole heartedly that he was totally invisible!!!
... and then walk around in his underwear and do goofy things... but that's beside the point.
Point? Yeah... wouldn't it be nice to just wave your arms, snap your fingers and poof... :)
I suppose that would lead to a life of crime... but again... besides the point.
Point? If I could "poof"... I'm sure I'd just kick back and have a good long nap.

~ corresponding with a giant crown corporation on behalf of my niece... time to call in a few markers and see if we can kick start her career.
~ meeting with boss-man-big to see if I can control some of my career angst...
~ meeting with clients to be... generally impressive. :)
~ fight off the unbelievable fatigue I'm feeling... I swear, I could just close my eyes and POOF...
~ One wish... for my friends in Ike's way (Hi sugar-Ar... arlyn) to be safe when the morning comes...

Dear Automated Billing Systems:
Why is it that every time I receive services at my home and pay-on-the-spot for those services... you all still send me a "Your bill is overdue and use the attached form to make payment."
Of course, I just call you up, give you my address and you come back with ... "Please disregard that notice, your account is has a zero balance."
But wtf?
Is the state of technology so poor that you can't correlate payments-made against your billing systems?
Come on man... get the heck with the program here...

It's one thing to think someone is beautiful...
Perhaps a nod to the concept of worship.
Moments of perfection...
Moments that pass as the calendar tosses away a few pages.
That kind of beauty is often transitional, like fashion.

It's something else entirely to think someone is adorable.
This isn't at all just about how beautiful she looks in the moment...
But rather, how you feel about her.
How you feel like you could just scoop her up and wrap her in love.
Imagining her being the first thing you see when you wake up...
Trailing your finger around her lips...
Sweeping back her hair...
And slipping into bliss...
Without any thought of ever letting go or coming up for air.

omg... I have got to get around to doing something about being such a procrastinator!!!!!


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