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Mostly harmless

Monday, September 8

So much talk about Elections... The US... Canada just called a federal election (road signs every 20 feet... GAH!)... my ears are bleeding.
Well "my ear is bleeding" ... my left ear.
~ shaving this morning... a moment of random movement and my razor passed over my ear.
You'd think I had hacked the frigg'en thing off my head.... blood everywhere. I actually have a band-aid on my EAR. sigh.

It's a beautiful morning... sunshine... cool... dreams-come-to-life levels of mist and morning fog covering the fields. I wish I had my camera as I drove to work.
... an den? Yeah... a whole big bucket of storm for the afternoon.

~ Dive back into the work week... boys off to school and daddy off to the client site... my new home-away-from-home till December.
~ FIND MY WAY TO A STARBUCKS on the way home from work... I've become a real addict to the 'bucks "double long" (and you non-coffee drinkers can get your brains out of the gutter any ol'time). "Please put a little coffee cream (18%) in that would you? :D... thank you."
~ get online and start the weekly bit torrent extravaganza...
~ to point out to jjnslat that LuAnn is a bit scary...
~ for my republican lj friends to have lots and lots of patience...
~ and to smile (because I want to) at irishgypsie... :D

I remember this rather frustrating conversation with a co-worker several years ago...
He was on about the notion that "carbon dating" is no less faith than creationism...
in that it's a reflection of my faith in Science... versus his faith in the word of god.
Never mind that I wanted to throw up on his shoes... his entire framework for arguing
in favour of various articles of christian faith that are in conflict with science was formed
with this argument... "Faith in science" is no more or less real than "Faith in God".
Um... my first thought: God, theoretically, made scientists... not the other way around.
My second thought: That's a whole lot like saying "Faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster"
is no diff than faith in Science... the only dif is in the numbers when it comes to religion.

His ongoing argument: "Yes you can hold a rock that is theoretically over 8000
years old... but do YOU know that it's over 8000 years old? Or are you just deciding to
believe in the scientists that told you it's 8000 years old?"

My first response... "oh fuck off..."
My second response... "You can fill a university with Priests and not a single one of them
will have any first hand knowledge of the divine. But I can fill a pew with scientists holding
the notes from their empirical studies who will all be gasping for breath from laughing so
hard at this ridiculous line of reasoning."

No... the only meritorious "creationist" argument that I've ever heard went like this...
"I choose to invest my belief in the teachings of my faith because it reinforces the
structures of my life that I have come to depend on."
Which is a nice way of saying "I am a sheeple." (and "I have decided to forgo the learning
of mankind in favour of the words set out by unnamed, faceless and fictional characters.")

I'm sorry... but "intelligent design" is a euphemism employed for "I got nothing man..." by
the religious to cover up their inability to argue with the facts.
If you truly believe that the world is less than 8000 years old... because you disbelieve all
that man has learned about his home and the universe that surrounds it... than you are
truly ignorant and I am kind of afraid of you. I mean... if your so-called religious leaders
can convince you of this... they can convince you of almost anything.

[ :: CERN :: ]
~ alrighti-then... it's been nice knowing ya. See ya on the other side... it's "start believing in god" time.
When the LHC kicks off and a mini big-bang goes off in the depths of their collider's caverns... they tell us that nobody will notice and we wont feel a thing.
Personally... I find their assurances to be pretty much exactly what I would expect if it was a Planet Ending Event.
But don't worry... I have faith in our scientists... (LOL)

Download vibe? All praise the god "Torr-ent" for he is all powerful and full of grace.
~ gossip girl episodes (season one)
~ weeds started up again...
~ thinking I want to check out Dexter
~ get Daily Show every day to watch on my iPhone at coffee breaks
~ pulling down the new season of Terminator (Looking forward to the Shirly zone this season... (please please please be awesome!!!!)
~ looking forward to new epi's of Chuck (love the "chuck")

I know I could PVR the new stuff... but I think I'll leave the pvr for Lost, Desperate, Heroes, Survivor, (etc.) 11 PM news, Oprah (Suz) and the kids shows...
I think the best part of the whole Torrent Vibe is that you can find a show from Season 1 Episode 1... and work your way through. :)

Ok... time to go. :)
~ have a wonderful evening... :D
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