Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, September 7

~ smoothy king!!! :D
Yesterday... was a seriously rainy day.
Not quite "Florida Coast in Fall" kinda rain... but a good soaking never-the-less. :)
I did massive groceries yesterday...
First shot at Cost-co for the milk, and freezer stuff...
Then the normal grocery store where we rung up a 197$ basket...
AN DEN... I said the magic words "I'll use points".
Bwaahahahahaha... 160$ worth of points so that cart cost me 37$.
Unfuckingbelievable man... I love my president's choice Mastercard. :)

Thai Lunch on Thursday... took me till mid day on Saturday to recover.
Not happy about that. Very uncomfortable time there.

Oh, and we slapped in the "It's a Mad Mad Mad World" DvD last night to entertain ourselves and lil'Edward.
That is a classic and fun movie.
The outrageous number of cameos alone is a reason to watch it... :D

~ bit of a sleep in... :)
~ up at 10:00... watch a little Jon Stewart and then a little gossip girl... for reasons that defy logic
~ going to take some measurements in the theater room to make another built-in thing... like a counter over the mini-fridge.
~ picking up Geo from his "sleep over" night out at about 1:30...
~ other than that... not a lot of plans for today.... EXCEPT shaking off this pain in the right side of my head... right on my temple... sinus I think... :(
~ I could get to one of those moments when I realize that nothing hurts or is wrong... it's been one thing after another for a couple of weeks now... I blame all my evil habits.
~ for less confusion in the life and times of a long long time lj friend, ratonil
~ and to call sodiumbisulfite a spazz and then run from the room.

Birthday moments...
A day late and still on the other side of the world... happy birthday perevodilka. I hope you are well and finding happiness. :)
Also a day late, happy birthday to amythyst... who is not amy or thyst... but very much crystal. :) I hope you have a wonderful year sugar.
And for today... happy birthday ca_blondi. I know you're a busy girl but I hope it's all stuff that is making you happy and keeping you safe.

Palin... creationist... seriously?
give me a break.
Do they let people who believe that kind of thing drive cars?

Tuesday... September 9... Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2 GO!
~ totally wrong there. One source has it starting TONIGHT and another starting tomorrow night. (monday). So ... forget all references to Tuesday. :D
and after checking I see that it's TOTALLY ON TONIGHT.

Play Dough... a truly amazing and endless source of childhood entertainment.

Gotta go measure things... :D See ya.

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