Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, September 3

Another beautiful day...
Super hot... and sunny and while it's a drag to spend it indoors...
It's a blessing to be in air-conditioning. :)

~ Day two... still getting sorted in the new gig... but... it's already getting complicated.
~ my days will be filled with meetings and reading background material... for the next month. sigh.
~ hoping to relax tonight...
~ going to make me some curried chicken this weekend. :)
~ to congratulate fragbert!!
~ for reasons to congratulate iamharmony
~ to send squeezes to my african queen... south african queen... teaser
~ and to once again smile at the always entertaining queeniexb

McCain's VP Choice.
I'm laughing at all the air being sucked up by the endless commentary
on how it's not fair for folks to be talk'en smack about the hot
and her pregnant kid and all that. I mean, besides the point that
we're talking about the second in command for the United States and
that EVERYTHING in that persons life is open to public scrutiny - too bad,
so sad, cry me a river. The real issue has absolutely nothing to do with
The real problem is that McCain chose her. This speaks volumes
and volumes about what America is in for if that man is given the keys to
the cigar-sex office. America, let alone "The World" does not need a
cowboy running the "most powerful nation on earth"... especially during
the next phase of that countries fall from grace.

Police, Tasers, Death and Idiots.
I cannot get over all the crap going on about Cops and Tasers.
The Robert Dziekanski incident in Vancouver is a horse-of-a-different-colour.
It's INSANE that they tasered a man with whom they could not
communicate, who had obviously been pushed to his personal
breaking point by goofy security issues.
But you don't have to look too far to find you-tube video's of cops tase'ing
kids in parking lots and various villains (and NON villains).
And then you get filled up with a bunch of whining noise from people who
say "gah... horrible police..."
I just cannot fathom what goes on in the mind of a person that does
anything besides become a complete kitten when faced by a police officer.
It doesn't matter if it's a good cop or a nut bar cop... IT'S A COP WITH
they get to play with their toys.
Exactly what possesses someone to not do exactly what a cop says to do?
Shut it foooo.
If you have to exercise your giant testicles... do it when a criminal faces
you down... but not a cop.
Regardless of the "danger statistics" associated with various career choices...
you cannot escape the fact that a cop is legally armed and spends their days
walking up to the prospect of violent death over and over and over and over.
It comes as no surprise to me at all when I read that a cop tassed some loser
that refused to do what ever the hell that cop told them to do.
Dude... if a cop says bark-like-a-dog... you're only choice is to say "A big dog?
or a little dog?" and then start barking.
If you don't like it... you take it up with the justice system... not with the cop
holding the taser.

I have an eclectic range of opinions on my friends list...
It has obviously been thinned down by my ranting and raving about subjects like religion.
So I want to be clear that I don't want everybody to have "my opinion"...
I'm fine with dissenting opinions and out-and-out disagreement.
But after the Paulin thing exploded... and after various lines of argument in Journal land...
I am in desperate need to say something...
You have to be truly damaged to be so far into the "pro life" camp that you believe no woman has a right to pursue an abortion.
Damaged and ... not actually intelligent...
Someone actually tossed the "But women use abortion as a method of birth control" thing at me the other day.
Pro-lifers need to know that the rest of the world recognizes you as a bleating brainwashed sheep when you say things like that.
It's not only wrong... it's unbelievably insulting.
Crazy ass insulting.

Ok.. this was fun. :)
See ya.

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