Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, September 2

Yeah... that was me... ages ago... all the way back at 7:30 yesterday morning!
~ this post comes to you live from my sleepy self after a long day, a long evening and a nice nap. :)

planning er... How the day went...
~ First day... new gig. Another federal agency, no phone, no workstation, somebody's office "guest chair" and oh, there's a light if I reach down and find a place to plug it in. :) weeeee... (it's actually an old Nortel building, so it's got a great lunch area and some better-than-drab design elements... but load any structure with permanent federal employees... and things start to turn gray. So I guess my job - figuratively speaking - is to add a little colour. :)
~ make a GREAT dinner for the boys after their first day back to school... (chicken kiev... a breaded chicken breast, pounded and stuffed with frozen garlic butter - it's only frozen to facilitate the actual "stuffing" part of the deal)
~ a visit from my folks, naps and big brother. :)
~ I was asleep an hour ago.!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday agateway... may you find connections that truly work for you this year. :)

~ boys first day of school... up at 6:00, bus by 7:15 and me in the car at 7:30. And when I get home... their both beavering away at homework. The "new school year" internet restrictions went into place today... limiting their pc game time on school days. (it gets a bit out-of-hand over the summer). I need to think up some hobby ideas for each of these guys...

~ k... gotta get to bed. :D
See ya.

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