Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 31

Hi. :)

~ yard work morning...
~ job jar afternoon...
~ pork loin for dinner
~ human loin for bedtime.
~ for a whole pile of "life is good" to fall out of the sky and land all over psychomagnet...
~ and that there are many giant balloons in the world of amythyst

Dear Idiots that Think With The Little Head:
It doesn't matter how hot she is... if she's actually against FREEDOM she's a complete waste of air.
Roe v. Wade = actual freedom as opposed to draconian oppression.
There's lots more... but, honestly... do you actually need more?

If you can't hear the music
You're not listening hard enough.
If you can't see the light
You've got your eyes closed.
And yes... I'm blaming you for everything.
If we blame everyone else, then you can't actually fix anything.

Just say'en... omfreakinggod... George is getting big. Big feet, tall, stronger...
He was bouncing and burping on my knee in the middle of the night, like... last week???

~ see ya. :)

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