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Big Brother 10 Weekly Update!! :)

This Week In Big Brother 10: Back to Basics

Epic Fail!!

Where in... all that is Ollie, mind body and soul, becomes entangled in the harsh and apparently unacceptable reality that HE’S IN A GAME. And he is absolutely not up the job of internalizing all this. Dan, on the other hand, is blazing a trail into the "how to play Big Brother" history books.

Loser say what?
(aka "The week in as few words as possible")
When last we saw our intrepid house-mats, they were being slammed into a wall on a little ass-munching swing. One by one they fell away, unable to walk and marveling at the solid steel crotches that were still hanging in there. Dan swings a punk-ass deal with Ollie to give him the chance to pick one of the noms, keep Michelle safe, and – if required – select the replacement nom in a veto deal. Ollie further demonstrates his naiveté by going on and on and on about how he’s got all the power, somehow forgetting who has the key to the Hoe Suite. The Oscar goes to Dan as he reads his letter from home and BB supplies the music make his crocodile tears a big barrel of fun. Memphis wins the Veto and saves his angry-at-Dan-ass and Dan slams the car-door on Ollie’s power-mad erection by putting Michelle and all of 1983 on the block beside Jerry. Ollie proceeds to morph into an eight year old girl, hyperventilating, throwing things, busting stuff and generally being a big angry bag of urine. Weeee. Julie joins us, resplendent in her blindingly reflective pirate bootie necklace, and walks us through Michelle’s resounding ejection. Julie gets to blow the lid off her "Dan is a plant" conspiracy theory, and then tells the house-mats that it’s a fast forward night: insta-hoh-nom-veto-ejection. Well it’s all over except the cry’en when Keesha wins a cerebral game for HoH. Up goes Jerry and Ollie, Dan wins veto and doesn’t use it and Ollie gets shown the door and they are one less bag-o-pee.
Dear Ollie:
You are loser-boy extreme. Epic Fail, loser-boy... epic fail.

Fav Quote
Jerry, to Michelle, in the post "get out" hug moment, says "Stay in touch." Um? Exactly how?

Most Memorable Moment
Over the course of the week... there were a few memorable moments: Dan reading his letter (lol), Ollie melting into a puddle of ollie, Keesha in the blue top... but I am kind of partial to the look on Julie’s face when she makes a big show of telling Michelle that she’s got nothing in the "Dan is a plant" gig. :D

Darwin’s Dessert
Nothing quite as revealing as when a black guy calls somebody a "Red-headed-cabbage-patch-kid". Loooooooser-boy.

According to the normal process of executing a big brother season... the idiot losers that are at the Jury House are having a big love-in over feeling self-righteous. You just know they’re all acting more judgmental than ever. Typical behaviour... for the losers. I expect there’ll be a "Lets visit Loser City" segment next week.

The winner...
Yeah... it’s gonna be Joe Versus The Volcanoes...
(Dan Versus Keesha)

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