Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 29

A gimp line with hemp woven around it.
Geo came back from camp with one for suz and another for me...
We're both wearing them with pride. :)

Rain rain... go away...
Which it will... so the rest of the weekend will be g-g-g-g-g-gorgeous. :)

~ hahaha... "planning?"
~ yeah... I had plans ... but now they're all a bit messed up. :) (and I only care on the simmering surface... under it all... I'm far far more concerned about the lump sticking out of my abdomen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ drove downtown to sort out some office paperwork.
~ home to spend the afternoon in hard core research... I start a new contract on Tuesday... three months... sigh. I've worked for this client before... in a different area... and they were a bit whack. We'll see how this shapes up.
~ more BBQ for dinner... and family movie night with "The Bucket List"... hard core story. I almost sobbed out loud when he crossed off "Kiss the beautiful girl in the world". (crap... I'm tearing up just typing it... I'm such a wusss).
~ to point you to [ :: this image :: ]. That girl? That's ladymeg1. I officially get to say I knew her before she became a famous model chick...
~ for toothy evil to be exorcised from raylenetaskoski's world... or mouth... depending on your point-of-view. :)
~ and to just pour out the love to my sweet sweet friend, honuhoney. (just 'cuz)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little meg (vespertine_x) (and I mean that... she's like... well, she's tiny... beautiful and little. :D) I hope you're having a wonderful day and that things are good and loving in the land of you.
And happy birthday to roaring_woman... may the unbelievably heavy load you bear... yield unending crops of reward. I hope this next year brings your some answers...

"Baring unforeseen circumstances"
~ famous last words if ever there were any...
Never-the-less... Oblama seems to be a shoe in.
Does anyone know enough about the Electoral College to comment reasonably on the subject if it's even possible for the Democrats to win?

Two moments of poetry that I left behind in comments to friends...
I thought I'd copy them here... just so they don't get lost. :)

Life is for the live'en.
Moderation is the key.
All will be forgive'en...
Unless your employer tests your pee.


Life is filled with questions
and living is all about deciding which ones you will seek answers to.

Ok... Cobra Style by Teddybears & Mad Cobra. Who's got some MP3 bytes to lay on me?

~ never mind... Geo found it on Limewire :D

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