Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 28

Hola. :)

Well they keep saying the weather is going to turn wet... but it's stayed dry for days and days...
I think I'll actually have to water my lawn. :(

Kids just arrived for the sleep over.
They are all in the back yard (1.5 acres of wood land) with these plastic-bead guns.
I wanted to know what they were dealing with (they're wearing ski goggles) so I had them shot me in the back from 10 paces.

~ same ol' same ol' today... with the work work ...
~ hit home depot at lunch.... and (of course) a half hour in the skate park.
~ got the contract I was interviewing for yesterday... Three months of "doing my thing", starting (prol'y) next week. :)
~ Geo is having a sleep over with a couple of friends, so tonight is all about pizza and kids watching movies. All Praise The Finished Basement!!!!!!!! :D
~ for some good news to get back to iamharmony
~ that byron survives his vistification...
~ and for sodiumbisulfite to find the door-that-opened... soon. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to the long long lost wrapper... :) I hope you're well my friend.

I morbidly fear the potential for an attempt on Obama's life.
I feel guilty just thinking about it... almost dirty...
like when you realize some girl that you're checking out is ... way too young for you to check out...

In the final diagnosis... I would have to say that thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Chuck.
It's predictable, silly sometimes... has characters I wish would be slapped (and SURPRISE they do!! - get slapped) exceptional hotness in the cast and the story lines are fun. This is not Alias or Battlestar... but it's definitely fun. :)
(of course, now I have to wait for the next season...)

I have a full load of sports med work to do for my knee... thanks 100% to the incredible help of my own personal sports med god.
Thank you Vaun.

~ I am almost beyond the ability to explain to you just how much fun I have skateboarding. I spend at least half the time being jealous of the amazing skateboarders... but the other half is filled with exhilaration and sweat. :)
k... see ya.

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