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Big Brother 10 Weekly Update!!

This Week In Big Brother 10: Back to Basics

The God Father VII: Don Renny

Where in... we are subjected to too-much-information about Ollie – the most naive human on the planet, Jerry gets creepy, Renny channels Marlon Brando, and Julie starts making up words again...

Loser say what?
(aka "The week in as few words as possible - seriously")
Jerry follows Ollie and April around to make sure ... what? He doesn’t defile her little white self? Creepy dude that Jerry! Renny explodes when she sees her folks in her Hoe Room... Apparently, pictures of her parents are pretty much kryptonite for this woman. Sadly, we both imitated her bawling ... She then morphs into an old Italian Mob Boss and the gang plays rock, paper, eat gross things... in the food game. As usual, they suck – but mostly Jerry sucks. Ollie reveals that he his deathly afraid of crows – birds in general – the big pussy, and April goes up on the block beside Jerry. She goes bonkers and cries a lot... sucker... and Jerry just does his best to shut-the-fuck-up. Dan wins Veto – all keen to get Ollie up, but is subjected to Don Renny’s icy glare and her comment "I’d think of you as a traitor." – which, to my mind, should have sussed it for him to USE THE VETO. Alas... no such luck. Michelle continues to be obsessive about everything and Dan stirs up shit with comments about either Jerry or April offering him money (they had the BB Gold Bars - 5K$ each) It was April and she all but blows Dan in the food closet to get his vote. She doesn’t and he doesn’t. She’s fried 4-1. The new Hoe Game is all about "Wait till next time" as BB slams them into walls in another strange and marginally violent endurance game. Oh, and Julie makes some dorky comment to April on the Loser Couch about her being "Frenemies" with Keesha. Moments later, three men in suits from Webster’s burst into the set and pummeled her to death.

Fav Quote
Oh April was just oozing quotes:
~ "It’s hard to swallow... because I’m such a nice person." (and what? Nice girls don’t swallow?)
~ "If they’re not going to vote for me, I’m gonna be a total bitch!" oh surprise surprise...
~ "I’ve never done anything to them... (sniff)" er... yeah, besides being shit disturbing cunt last week.
~ "I can give you me and Ollie, and some money... Is there anything else I can do for you?" ah yes... and how often have you found yourself saying that in your short life...?

Most Memorable Moment
Yeah... Don Renny, sitting back and taking visitors one by one... all that was missing was her asking them to each kneel and kiss her freaking ring. Holy "goes to your head" Head Hoe!!

Darwin’s Dessert
Memphis calls it when he asks why Renny is treating Ollie all special at the expense of her theoretical alliance. The power boys are going to toss her next chance they get. She should just pack now.

Ollie is quite simply... and idiot and if his under-the-radar-crap gets him much further in the game... the whole cast of the show should be shot.

The winner...
Keesha or Memphis will win, but Dan should win. :)

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