Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 22

Hey. :)

hot day.
this huge orangy yellow ball... totally blazing. :)

~ up and navigating the waters of "what to do between contracts"...
~ oh look... paperwork... tippidy tappidy... :D
~ skatepark at lunch... it was 'camp day'... so there were dozens of little kids in big helmets.
~ late dinner... bro and SIL over for pizza and a movie... crossing fingers that Bank Job is good fun.
~ that my little Ed got over what ever qualified as "sick". (i suspect a sore throat... don't know why... but I do... ) (We go to get them on Sunday. :D)
~ for things to sort out for mapomme_desang's bro...
~ and for the world to keep bending into the right shape for sexsatan04. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sunshowers08. :D I hope you're being treated to all kinds of happy-birthday moments... Have a great year.

Gee Canada... only seven more to go.
Then we'll have an even 'hun on the dead count from Afghanistan.
Ninety three to date... 'cept we don't count the civilian dead, like aid workers ... nope... only the soldiers.
And gosh! We're making such a sustainable difference...
Oh wait.
I forgot.
We aren't.

Ninety three.

got tagged by some guy for throwing "lil'sugar" into a comment left in some random community.
now... I've been calling people sugar and lil'sugar and all manner of sugars for eight years solid.
not at all likely to change any time soon.
but i still have to ask myself what gives?
dude with eyeliner making like he's got something to call me on?
because clearly I'm the prospective evil stalker.
lol. :)

Got a good deal on an 8 gig sd card (HP "high speed") to use in the new Canon SD1100IS.
It was 24.
Pop it in and it works fine.
Pop it out and plug it into my SD card reader and ... nadda.
I can still download the card using the camera cable...
But... I'm wwway to used to using the card reader.
I take it there is some backwards compatibility thing going on.
So do I take back the 8 gig card and get 4 gig cards instead?
(wonders to self if they'll work...)
Or do I call it a sign of the times and buy a new card reader?
oh... and I bought a shuffle. Little purple guy ... for the skate thing.
Now when I'm lying on the pavement deciding if I should look at an ouchi spot... there'll be music.

~ k, later sk8rs. :)

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