Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 21

~ holy handsom. :D I am a prize!! :D

Yeah... it was a throw-down-no-holds-gorgeous-day... hot and sunny and beautiful.
Thanks universe. :)

~ oh my gosh, I had a long day. :)
~ up early and getting dressed and psyched for todays client stuff...
~ client site early and had a good meeting with short contract number 1 accepted...
~ next... the afternoon meeting was for contract number 2... (a much bigger "long deal") was well received and that is an "ongoing process".
~ so ... good work stuff.
~ home to work on the yard... for freaking hours... (I get so crazy thirsty afterwords... long pants - big weeds, makes for a hot sweaty corto).
~ a little BB tonight... maybe some Chuck... shows fun, but it's a bit weak. Jury is still out on the "overall" but the hotness factor is ... just fine.
~ that canuckgirl enjoys the vacay!! :D
~ for the rewards of patience to keep on showing up at ladymeg1's door. :D
~ and to say how nice it is to see er... read, little miss pill (jaggedpill) again.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to long time lj friend... (compwizrd). I hope you had a great day and that the year ahead keeps you healthy... and happy. (and you can go for wealthy too... but you know, I don't wanna be greedy here...)

Liquid Anger, Liquid Music
Anger. We say that we are filled with it or that it is seeping out.
As though it were some vile fluid that is pumped in.
Sadness... is less complex and easily overcome by it's antithesis, happiness.
You do not overcome anger.
It must be pushed and prodded ... or better yet... drained out of us.
With music, of course.
It can fill any space... a hall... all of the great outdoors.
Music washes over us, or floods a room.
So it can certainly fill you too.
Draining away anger and making room for the rational.
This has always been true and more so today.
Liquid anger... liguid music.

My little Ed sent another letter. :(
It's a one liner.
"I'm sick." (and a little sad face)
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