Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 19

Well today dawned bright and beautiful... regardless of the weather - which is fine, mind you... just besides the point. :D
Corto is in his happy place. :)

We went out to a nice dinner last night... again with the Italian thing... and then dropped off my car *BOOM* (as I typed that, I realized I hadn't arranged to pick it up tonight!!! Phew... all done. (Suz is off to Montreal tomorrow, so I have to get it tonight. :D)

~ work work work... long day...
~ smile several times...
~ finish the "dap" lines on the new "built in desk" thing I'm making for the kids and still have not finished - hence the lack of photographic evidence. :D When it's done... I'll show you. D:
~ that my friends in Faye's path... stay safe.

Adding to the GYFC!!!!
! honuhoneyAzzzzbum

and krazyleesa MzKrazy

~ YOU have sooooo got to get in this... :D

We got new "drapes"... after being here for two years. :)
Hunter Thomson Douglas!! :D "Piroettes" (sp??)

~ k... gotta jet. Going to my folks for dinner. :)

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