Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, August 18

it's beautiful today... but there's the constant promise of a storm. I think it'll roll in tonight.
The weather-idiots are calling for sunshine through out the rest of the week. :D :D
Oh... and we got a letter from Geo.
It was exactly what suzy needed... he sounds like he's having an excellent time. :D

oh oh oh ... the storm is coming... everything just went super dark... very windy. Exciting.

~ up on Mondays early to take the trash out... we used to take it out Sunday night... but the raccoons make a mess of things.
~ on the work vibe, getting some research done... big meetings this Thursday for new contracts... and I think I just started with a US Fed agency...... still unclear of the contract negotiations.
~ skate park over the lunch hour... hot... but great!!! working on fakie. :D
~ now? still working... but I'll be finishing up the desk downstairs later. I went to Home Depot and bought the wrong "caulk"... so a return trip is needed.
~ tonight? out for dinner... and then we're thinking we'll rent a movie... something violent and full of swearing a nakedness.... (kids away... parents must play).
~ that debby gets some clarity... (and not more chills)
~ to send a cheer out to ladymeg1... who got something she deserved.
~ for aristophren... gets "it" together
~ and that mapomme_desang decides to opt for travel. You will never regret travel... not in the long run. :)

Birthday moments...
Sending a little birthday wish out to a wee boy named Joshua. :)

Polish womens indoor volleyball team.
Sweet mercy...
no seriously...

Don't argue with drunk people, especially partners...
A) they get to pretend they don't remember being a dick
B) they definitely wont remember you winning the argument
C) and truly... you don't really win. It's not called "winning" when you go up against someone of diminished capacity... and drunk is... "diminished capacity" (aka: Stupid)

Thank you.
You make things better just by being around. :)

:) k... see ya.

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