Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 16

~ ah yes... just woke up. er... way back then. :)

Beautiful day... Which sits well with my worry pit over the boys.
I'm keeping myself busy and being very happy for them ...
We got a letter from Ed... two scrawled lines... "Camp is cool, making lots of friends... having fun. From Ed."
At least it didn't start with "Send food..." :D
It's one week today. sigh.

~ wake up and write the bb thing with a coffee... :)
~ yard work... cutting mutant weeds from CANYON at the end of our lawn.
~ visit with S&BIL :D Niece just passed her masters... big smiles.
~ work on the kids new computer desk... pictures tomorrow. :D
~ dinner and a sunset walk
~ that canuckgirl finds her lil'self feeling lots better!!!
~ for a few soft breaks to find their way to honuhoney this week...
~ for cerulean_me little Lil... to heal up in a hurry...
~ and to tell my friend ayoub... tree's are so long lived, because they know when to bend and how to be strong at the same time.

We got more in da hood!!
Adding to the current crew...

... are two new recruits from da hard west...
We got some DotDangerDotDanger and her main squeeze dotcomdudeMeesterNic!

~ come on... get in the car! We gotta ride bybee... Show ME the sign.

I have been so thoroughly enjoying the Olympics. :D :D
Fav stories...
~ 41 year old swimmer girl,
~ Shawn's hometown grocery store and her picture over the cereal isle...
~ the whole Phelps thing... but especially the 7th medal.
~ the Canadian wrestler girl
~ and those scullers!
~ Luiken... just amazing. My most favorite part of the show to date... Nastia. I am in awe.

We went to Wicked last night...
The "back story" on them witches in Oz.
Musical... wonderful. :)
... here's the story in pictures of our night!

... then home again. :)

K... see ya.
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