Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 14

~ gang sign corto... gang name... Got Yer Finger Crew.

Dude... it's the ide's of August... :)

~ so I was Housecoat Man most of the morning... slogging away on proposals and stuff...
~ got all cleaned up for the offices... and went downtown to our offices... then over to Hull to the clients offices to drop off a proposal.
~ home again ... whipping out Outlook to load it up with meetings for next week.
~ and by four... I had had enough. I grabbed a handful of the sun and went to the skate park.
~ home in time to make dinner and work "the gully" (massive wildflower & weeds extravaganza in the ditch at the edge of our property - "working on" means "tearing down")
~ now it's now... and I'm on my laptop... out on the screened-in porch at twilight... the air is cool and we're expecting t-storms tonight. Of course, all I can think about is that the boys are getting those storms first... :( ***
~ rescue dumb dumb dumb... but beautiful (gah, how many times have I said that!!) hummingbird again. :)
~ we're going to try watching the first couple of epi's of a show called "Chuck" tonight. We've worked out way all-the-way-through the 30 Rock seasons, the first season of Big Bang, and I'm up to date with Burn Notice and In Plain Sight. (I watch those last two on my iPhone ... just for fun. :D)
~ Ok wait... that "now is now" thing... was hours ago. :) Chuck is good... Sarah's hot... Morgans a dick... sisters gorgeous... and the premise is weak and FUN. But best of all... IT'S GOT JAYNE IN IT!!!!!! :D :D :D :D (explodes!)
~ I could visit Lydia... and see her mountain. As porno as that sounds... it's not. She lives in Mexico and the picture I just saw of her mountain is... awesome!!!
~ I had some time to read my fps. :(

I got a giant banana bread ... I mean GIANT from my SIL for giving my niece my old cell phone. SCORE!

I totally cannot CANNOT find video of Alicia taking her dive off the beam. "We're sorry, but US Law requires that we limit Olympic video content to viewers inside the United States." GAH!!!!. What a total burn.

I wish I could convince ALL MY FRIENDS to post pictures of themselves hang'en the "Got Yer Finger Crew" gang sign... baybee... :D
wtf are you talking about "why"?


See ya.
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