Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, August 13

Hi. :)

Hey look... my arm... not all bent and stuff. :D

~ yeah... up kinda early...
~ getting sorted out with all the bits and pieces of my old phone (samsung T690) to give to my niece, who's cell phone could be described as "wayward".
~ smooch suz as she heads off to work...
~ get to work... in my pjs... for a few hours...
~ then get all cleaned up to go downtown and get some ducks lined up for a big'ish proposal with my clients. :)
~ home... er... no, Home Depot and pick up stuff to build the kids new computer "zone" (just a counter in a "nook" in the playroom), then home...
~ shrimp, rice and fresh corn-on-the-cob for dinner. :)
~ now? Going to go watch BB from last night...
~ for eternally_pink to keep on getting those positive vibes. :)
~ and good luck to jjnslat on the interview circuit. :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to Heidi... (darkbay). I hope you have had a wonderful birthday. May the year ahead be filled with all the love you can handle. :)

CBC radio - during (I think) today's "Sounds Like Canada" broadcast, was interviewing a panel on the subject of hospital food.
In and among all the back-and-forth and opinion that was being shared...
Came this comment from some guy that runs a hospital somewhere around here...
"I spoke to this woman patient who said she enjoyed the food so much that she stayed an extra day just to get more..."
I was truly shocked that nobody called him on the notion that we have waiting lists and actual sick people trying to get into a hospital and he's all proud that some nutter would bill the Canadian health care system for an extra day in hospital because she liked the food.
Shame on her... and shame on everyone who was on that panel today.

So I can't find a "replay" of the US team's Girls Gymnastics from last night when one of them fell on the Beam routine. I came close... until told me that "this content is only viewable from within the United States. :(
Any one have any linkage?

As I drive from here to there or there to somewhere else... and even home again,
I notice a difference... a feeling I hardly recognized...
A sense of dysphoria born from the reality that no matter where I go, or what I am doing...
I am not mentally mapping out time, effort and distance against the need to be back...
... to take care of the boys.


ps... this is the hummingbird.
He got trapped in the garage again.
"Trapped" is kind of silly considering the giant open double car garage door...
But this little guy was all about flying along the ceiling.
He looks a bit "hooked on the net" in the picture but he wasn't.
He was tired... and afraid...
(I got to gently stroke my finger down his back... touch his beak... )
And seconds after the picture... he up and flew away.
I believe I saw him again later that day. :D

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