Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, August 12

Ok... so click anything that wants to tell you the weather for our region and it'll fill the screen with dire predictions of t-storms over the next six days... including today.

Alternatively, you could LOOK OUT A WINDOW and see glorious sunshine, blue sky and little white puffy clouds here and there.

I submit to you ... again... that the weather people are all a bunch of idiots and they've been pulling the wool over our collective eyes for generations.
They have no idea. No clue.
Everything they say is just a guess and ... the real stunner is that it often appears that they make their guesses from inside a windowless room!

Oh, and sunshiny lovely day... is a good thing for my heart. That means the boys are getting sunshine and not just rain (It p-p-p-p-p-poured yesterday afternoon ... during their first day at camp.

Suz and I have tickets to see Wicked - this saturday night. :) It sounds like it's going to be a great show.

~ up and at 'em early enough... although I did hit that snooze button a few times. :)
~ talk'en to the boss... talking to far away bosses too... and trying like mad to get proposals sorted out and get myself "off the bench" and back on contract.
~ quick trip to Home Depot to scope a piece of counter top to use for a basement project (new "built-in" thing I'm making for the boys computers).
~ and after an afternoon of working on proposals... it's dinner out with Suz and we hope to watch 21 tonight. (and more Weeds. :D)
~ that my friend lisabella would get some good news... and find her way back down the stress ladder.
~ a happy pony-fart day to shoo :D lol
~ I could visit her_whispers... because I love where she lives... and I think she's kinda awesome. :D
~ and that [Unknown LJ tag] finds herself a new roomie. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to jamesbaxter... and I hope the year before you ... keeps on inspiring the art. :)

You know... I lost several lj friends recently over a silly situation that one of them created.
My involvement was completely as an outsider who was constantly asked for opinions by all the players in their little high school drama.
I was - I thought - careful... but I knew in my heart the very moment that it all began...
right from the first email from the guy...
that the whole thing had "No Win" (for me) painted on it with bright orange letters.
I knew that somehow I was going to get hosed. But did that stop me from trying to help?
Then the emails from the other players... the questions and my effort to offer caring words and quiet reminders that people are just people...
still all under the blinking banner "No Win"
And now that it's over and I've been judged, etc., I'd have to say that I don't think I'd do one thing different.
My head remains high and if that appears to be "high and mighty" then maybe that's just because of the perspective of who ever is looking.
If you want to share shit with me and ask me opinions... and expect me to answer you...
Don't assume that you're the only person in the fucking universe with my email address.

Dear Mary-Louise Parker:
When you're sick of all the other guys...
Please let me know. :)

~ ok all done. :)
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