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~ The hummingbird story gets weird. Today a HB few into-and-became-trapped-despite the gaping two-car-garage-door-opening in our garage. She was there for over an hour... constantly flying... In the end, I used a fishing net, tied to a pole, to capture it and release it outside. It flew away happy as a HB can be. It was green. It was kinda trapped in the net... so I got a good look at her... but everything happens so fast with HBs... she was gone in a blink.

~ Reading - chagrin - from a "Chuck Norris Is" book that Geo bought for himself...
Z: "Chuck Norris's penis has a toenail!"
C: "... it's prol'y because he round-house-kicks-you-in-the-head with it..."

~ I bought a "Get Fuzzy" compendium... :D

~ We are swimming in Playstation 3 swag. Suz and I were able to stay with the boys for what was essentially a "here's four 50 in. TVs, four playstation 3's, and GAMES. (and all the do dads that go along... like mikes for singing-star, "buzz" controllers, etc...) Here's pizza... Here's a table covered in playstation stuff... PLAY! (and take what you want... except the tv's and the games). oh, and here's a Future Shop gift card for later. :) (I think it's 10$...)
For Three Hours...
8 kids, 4 parents...
LOL :)

~ Kids leave for camp tomorrow morning... ahhhhhhh!

~ is that icon ever annoying!!!
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