Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, August 8 (that would be 08-08-08... and I slept through 8:08 AM :D)


no reason... just felt like typing "arrrrgggg". :)

Oh and it's rained pretty much every day this week.
this is good for my lawn... bad for skateboarding. :(

Pictures from the Letter A.
April and August... out the same window. (in our bedroom).

~ crappy jeans... 'cuz I'm going to go paint some wall. (little repair job in the basement. :D)
~ see "wearing"
~ after that... maybe try to fish the fish-line-thing again. It's evil, I tell you... eeeevil.
~ an den...
~ an den... nothing man... I continue to enjoy lazy time. :)
~ that the land of sweet-cup-'em-cakes... goes red-hot for dana7880
~ for wolfiegirl to enjoy the comedy...
~ and the internets would yell at minarets...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to Mrs. Yoda. :D (meekorouse). May the year ahead keep you safe... but not so much that you don't find yourself wondering wtf you were thinking. :D (good memories in that kind a thing. :D)

It's all about understanding.
But not always about gaining it.
Indeed... it seems to me to be less and less about groking
and more and more about accepting that you don't.
You listen, you read, you watch...
And that should be enough.
It's not at all reasonable to expect understanding to always follow.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?
To say nothing of how hard we are on each other.
It's something you find when you get to the heart-of-things...
... this "understanding" business.

Just roll... and grok when it's actually important.

Dear Internets:
If you have a loved one that shaves...
with blades...
and has sensitive skin...
let me recommend "Aveno Shave Cream for sensitive skin".

Dear Aveno:
Thank you.

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