Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, August 7






Fast clouds.

and finally... rain.

I think the next time I hear a weather man go on and on about this and that ... and then wrap it all up with "So tomorrow looks like Sunshine with a little cloud cover, a chance of rain and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms." I may have to hit the clock tower with the breech-loader and a big box of shells. I mean... they might as well just say "bright today, with expected darkness into the evening."

~ up bright and early... wishing suz off to her day and the set about my busy busy morning of lazing about and playing with geeky toys. :)
~ I had the boys up and at 'em by 9:30 and tomorrow it's to be 8:30... sigh... :)
~ got all dolled up at lunch to head downtown for a meet-with at the client offices. Got some good plans in place and things may just turn out grand. We'll see.
~ home again to sort out some stuff at the community park... getting the water fountains going again...
~ and dinner. (Totally slacked off with leftovers and sausage-bun-o-matics)
~ tonight is ... more lazy!!!! and Big Brother (I think).
~ that lakme keeps on seeing through the social stereotypes and finding things in folks to smile about. :)
~ to tell bardiva that if someone on the phone sounds a bit tinny and like they're in a cavern... and they say "So tell me... what are you wearing?", you should listen for snickers from the other people in the boardroom. :D
~ that my long time friend allyn... finds out what he's looking for ... and then stumbles upon it.
~ for heaps of success to find kay. :)

Sometimes I find it hard to understand folks.
Men and women spend far, far too much time laboring over what motivated some specific and nominally defined behavior in the past.
And hardly any time what-so-ever attending to their behaviors in the present, to say nothing of what they are doing to the future with all this mucking about in the past.
And when the smoke clears on any given day...
... they look all around themselves to find people to hold accountable, without ever fixing their gaze on a mirror.
So much time ... wasted.
It is so pathetically easy to "love yourself, and do nice things for people..."
And, frankly, it's a much better way to go through the only life you're going to get.

To me... the real "personal vacation" is what's going on now... a few days of just being a total slacker. Letting go of all the work stuff... the household projects... the worries and the stresses... and just screwing around. The other stuff is vacation... but it's more "family vacation".
Of course, I can only stand a few days of it before slipping into full body mental.
But if you know me at all... you know that's not likely.
Not the mental part... that happens all the time... I mean getting more than a few days of "personal vacation". :D
One more day. :)

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to go perimeter-grocery shopping.
I'm outti. :)

oh... and some Purrrcy. :)

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