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Wednesday, August 6

Well ... the sunshine won.
Lots of clouds... even a little rain... but that was then.
Heck, last night was torrential rain and t'under for ages. :)
I'm sneaking away from "vacation" to attend a meeting with some clients tomorrow afternoon...
But if it stays dry... I might be able to burn the morning in a skatepark.


~ up extra early... getting a head start. :)
~ woke the boys up at 9:30... trying to drag them back from their sleep-in/stay-up-late cycle.
~ goofed around the back yard with the guys... making a new path into the forest. (It's totally blair witch out there)
~ making burgers for dinner... :D
~ but no other plans for a lazy off-work-wednesday. :)
~ to congratulate crushdmb on the new car!! I hear pigs are flying past a bright blue moon too. :) Be safe and enjoy sugar-mare.
~ to tell minarets that driving is like drinking... once you know how, you'll do it till you crash. But don't worry... air bag marks heal up over time.
~ for top-notch success to find libragirl_77.
~ and to send out luck she doesn't need - because she's all that, all by herself. Good luck sugar-ly (innerly).

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to mylifeasamom... a brand new shiny mommy on my Eff'elle. May this new year of firsts leave you breathless with love and swimming in forever-memories.

So... only a couple more days till the world turns it's collective attention to an international host for the Big Bad Sport Bonanza, also known as the Olympics, and this year, as:
The Commi, Intolerant, Dissident-Torturing, Prisoner-Killing Planet-Raping-Polluter Olympics a la Beijing.
Clearly there are ebbs and flows in the macro-political landscape that make things like this necessary...
Like letting a spotlight make dents that weren't showing up with other more subtle efforts.
But that doesn't mean I can't be boggled by the prospect of just what a stupid place to hold the olympics this is.

Geo's phone arrived.
Family plan thing... we decided that since we were so far out and anywhere the kids "go" is a car drive away that he ought to have a phone.
I'm hoping this was a sound decision.;)
Time (and text-messages) will tell.

~ song. lol. :)

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