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Big Brother Weekly Update!!!

This Week In Big Brother 10: Back to Basics

Prime Time Git-Mo

Where in... the inhabitants of "Total Drama Island" just go a bit wonky on each other. Lots of little girl tattling, some big boy freak outs and lots and lots and lots of drama. Oh and they all wear big green spandex body suits. :) Please send me screen shots from the live-feeds! :D lol.
Sorry it's so late... :)

Loser say what?
(aka "The week in as few words as possible")
With Keesha still whimpering about Steve (booted last week) we have to endure her constantly saying "like", right to and including a world-class "toe-tallllly" in her talk with Dan (have you noticed his huge and unsightly nipples?). She likes Gladys (Reene) well enough and seems hell bent to back-up Libra – for some god forsaken reason (does anybody actually like Libra?). They play a food game that only limits the pantry instead of landing anyone on slop. The game has a sock-hop theme with poodle skirts and letter-sweaters but really it’s all about yelling to one another over a fence. They pretty much focus on Gladys being a tard the whole time and the house mats get things besides slop. (weeee). April and Amos share a love of self-help books although I suspect his type is "how to be an uneducated boob in modern society" while hers will be "creative ways to relieve the discomfort of venereal disease". Ollie is tard number two. Keesha puts Angie and Jessy on the block... paving the way for some Nerd-boy freakout (I mean, really... look at this guy? Remove the crazy muscles and you know he was total nerd boy in school). Michelle is unhappy with the nominations so she joins her hair in 1984 and describes her anger with a Donkey Kong metaphor. Jerry-and-his-pacemaker stir up more shit passing judgment on Memphis for having a service industry job at his age – and must therefore be a womanizer – but we know the real problem is that Jerry is strangely attracted to Memphis’s shaved chest. They play Veto in big green body suits which makes any of the girls look like lunch and Jessy like a cartoon character. The game is sort of prime-time-friendly water torture thing, letting water dribble on your forehead while you try to guess when an hour has passed. Keesha bails when they pour worms on her and ends up winning by default because everyone else when over the hour. Angie – in a fit of stupid – tells Keesha that she can use the veto to save Jessy??????? Because she can’t stand being around Libra. Of course the rally-cry is to get Libra out by back-dooring her. The Evil Ones (Memphis, Michelle, Jessy and Angie) agree to lie and say this random banner that nobody could read was an accusation that Libra is a liar. They get traction with it but have to continue their lie on national tv when Julie (morphine pump a pump’en) asks them questions about the banner – It was totally unrelated to the show and Julie is just making them suffer. Pace-Maker-boy and Memphis go at it over Jerry’s "womanizer" comment and it looks a bit like Memphy will swing... Jerry just sits back and waits for it – clearly laughing to himself. :D We get to watch Jessy go a bit bat-shit-crazy and in the end Keesha doesn’t use the veto (big surprise). The live-show kicks off with the earth moving (earthquake) but nobody grabbed anybody to kiss them (hey baby, did the earth move for you?) Angie gives a great speech pointing out that they’re all idiots for keeping Jessy and then gets voted off with 8-0. The last scene is the cast stuck to a wall being tortured for the HoH key... and we wait till Sunday night to find out who wins. :) Oh, and Dan is picked to be "America’s Player" for a week – and, of course, he accepts (he gets 20K if he gets the job done!)

Fav Quote
Ollie nails down truth with "We’re the dumbest cast ever..."

Julie’s comment "It’s been a tumultuous week at Big Brother" was great but only because there were some hilarious "Chen-Bot Pauses" in there. (we pause the play-back to get the weirdest Chen Moment while we watch... try it. :D)

"It’s on like Donkey Kong" ... okay Michelle... you can get back in the Delorian now.

Keesha: "Like... Like you like, like, these people, and like you totally, like... don’t know them." Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Most Memorable Moment
Oh watching Mr. I-Have-No-Emotions Memphis blow it all up at Jerry was great big buckets of fun. :D

Darwin’s Dessert
Jessy has to stop with the whole "disrespecting me" thing. Dude has no clue about what respect is all about. He’s going to (hopefully) go too far and somehow break a rule and get ejected. :) (Hey... I can dream can’t I?)

Please just keep putting Jessy up on the block... he’s fun to watch suffer.
Memphis is a total shit disturber...

The winner...
Well so much for my "dark horse" prediction that Angie will win. :)
I’m moving on and focusing on Dan... :) (and his ugly nipples) although at this point, I’d have to say I want Gladys to win!! :D

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