Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, August 3

Hi. :)
~ back safe and sound...
... with much laundry.

Today started with a sinus headache. :) Fun eh.
Ah well... advil, a shower, and some food seems to be helping.

Cottaging was... relaxing. :D

~ working on a vacation post...
~ cutting grass...
~ letting a little advil to it's thing.
~ I could catch up... but it's not likely. (I'll scroll scroll my eyes out later. :D)
~ and to send a squeeze out to honuhoney ... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy late (July 31) birthday out to weswilson... I hope you have a wonderful year with your family and that fortune continues to smile on you.
And (same kinda late) happy late birthday to aint2nuts too. May this year bring you many good reasons to remember...
And from just two days ago... August 1, happy birthday to sb186... I hope all is well and that you're getting ahead!
And to little miss wonderful... (no really... pretty amazing woman here) Happy late (Aug 1) birthday to Jess... (pixiecup). May this next year bring you unimagined success and all the love you can handle. :)
Now... for today!
Happy birthday balljar. Thank you for years of wonderful pictures and I look forward to many more. May the world continue to inspire you.
And jethro... happy birthday mr fabulous. :) Have a grand year.

Oprah flew some lady into her audience so she could burn her ass on national television.
Wicked. She scares me.
(Grammar Girl episode with the lady writing in about "Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure" vs "Orah's and Gayle's Big Adventure")

I wish I had a little yellow button...
and when I pushed it...
maybe the idea is to have a little yellow button...
and not push it...
then what it does would only ever have to be potentially what it does...

Time to make more coffee... :)
~ see ya on the vaca post. :)

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