Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 25

fresh air...
dinner. :)

~ a work'ish con call at 1:30...
~ and a whole lot of errands...
~ everything from a fresh bag of ground-up starbucks to new hooks for the car-topper (new car... oops...)
~ making dinner and basking in the glory of feeling absolutely no work pressure what so ever... oh how rare these moments are!!!
~ tonight? why mad packing of course... oh wait... off to SILs for another nieces birthday thing. :)
~ for the good vibes to keep rolling across my friends pages... and where it's absent... I hope you find 'em.
~ that I had time to read... fps... :) Maybe tonight. :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to none_too_subtle... may the days... weeks... and months of this year bring you peace and all the happiness you can handle. :)
And to pigpen, happy birthday ... where ever you may be. :)

the "oddly enough" link on my last gmail refresh read "Mick Jagger defies years as he hits pensioni age"
and all I saw was "Mick Jagger dies..."
(no, he didn't die, so don't put a picture of him in your journal...)
my most prominent thought was "oh really? rats... " and... the "rats" was geniuen... which surprised me.
So.. I'm glad he's not dead... apparently. :)

Ordered Geo's phone last week... best deal we could find to put a cell in his hands came to 15$ a month... on our family plan.
"Three to five business days for delivery"... translated into "We have no record of your order"
Poor kid... he's been patient right up until the fifth "business day"... and now it's dashed time.
I mean... it's really no big. I get to guilt rogers into more discounts and he'll get his phone when we get back from vacation.
Still... poor kid. :)

Walking out into the forest...
and into a glade...
sitting in the periwinkle...
with the admiral...
and watching fifteen minutes of a cool tv show.
A kind of fusion between geeky orgasms and the zen like quality of open space.

~ time to make dinner. :)

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