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Thursday, July 24

"So... what have you been up to?"

Last day on the clients site... final report land.
Everything went swimmingly. :)

And speaking of swimming... there's been some rain.
Some "buckets and buckets" of rain.

~ wake up and move around in the land of sleeping family getting ready for work.
~ downtown to client land to spend the day cleaning up the final versions of things
~ big presentation to client's boss
~ and then home.
~ the trip-relate-job-jar is bursting as we head into the last couple of days before the cottage
~ relaxing...
~ to once again thank whatilove for sharing her adorable photographs...
~ that fragbert wears shades to protect his eyes from the blasting pixels...
~ for her_whispers to be nice and careful in her new wheels... :)
~ to smile at gillian16...
~ and for something good to sneak up on snarky_angel... goodness knows she could use a break. :D

whoever is screwing with gizmodo's servers... please stop.
I mean... of all the places that shouldn't be slow...

Ok, so cue up 99 Red Balloons - Nena (I'm using the german ver but I don't think it matters) and then cue up Don't Stand So Close To Me - police (<-in case there's other versions I don't know of). Play the first 2 seconds of each...
Not to mention, white wing dove, eye of the tiger and bootylicious... play the first fricking minute...
Ah empeethree... how thow hast changed me.

When, I wonder, will the record companies accept that the business model has to shift to keep up with the absolutely unstoppable change in the music landscape.
They can make laws until the cows come home but that's like giving General Motors a billion dollars... it only staves off the inevitable for a little while.
It's not us against them... it's not kids and computers... it's the entire social, economic, and political structure landscape of music that has changed...
And all the men and women merely players... They have their exits and their entrances.

And I will wait.
There is no hour ... no day, that will pass and find my wait complete.
Save the moment of your return.
Always here ... forever removed.
And I will wait.

~ k... see ya. :)

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