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Wednesday, July 23

No presenting today... so no tie. :)
An entire day of "threatening rain"... that is ending with... rain. go figure. :)
I've been totally od'ing on tv shows... loading up the Big Bang thing... Big Brother... Burn Notice... 30 Rock... In Plain Sight... ok... it's only five shows... but (other than Big Bro) they're all torrents of several episodes across a season. :D

AND... There is a frog in the forest behind my house who croaks with a noise that sounds like a 60 year old drunk pan handler trying to say "got change" but only making a slightly similar noise. Stupid frog... nobody's got any freaking change in the forest!!!
Amphibians... sheesh.
(thank you shebear)

~ busy day!! :)
~ down to the client offices and have a handful of quick meetings to clean up reports
~ and plan tomorrows big-deal (presenting and talking to clients boss)
~ pick up big-ass "fish tool" (to get wires through walls and stuff) from my friend (hoping to get Cat5 to the kuro tv and see what I can do with that... :D)
~ watch BB later... and start the "This Week in BB" thing ...
~ get a better sleep (bed earlier) tonight than any of the last 15... sigh ... just staying up too late.
~ GAH... I'm soooo looking forward to going to the cottage getaway this weekend. Escapism... here I come!!!!
~ to tell mspish that it's money well spent. :)
~ for there to be a turn for the better in leggy land of wbahner...
~ that krizsa doesn't blow away...
*(this space should be occupied by some distributed love but it would feel dirty after getting reamed for not doing it... so it has to wait)
~ and that mz lucky-duck, jjnslat, keeps on posting pics.

So just so I've said it...
This iPhone thing... is by far and away the coolest flipping galactic geek gadget I've ever had all to my self.
By far.
Far far far.
I think ... no, I'm positive that you'd have to be into the full on Jango Fett Personal Space Transport thing before I'd be giving up the top geek-tastica spot this phone is holding.

Oh... and I want to get a shuffle too. hahaha... (I want to skate with music but no way will I skate with this baby strapped on... :D)

I do my own laundry at home... so, know in advance, that this is not about life here in Casa de Corto...
Rather, this is in response to eight years of reading womens journals...
If you have hampers and people use them,
and if you put the clean hampers out for your family to fold...
Then "Laundry" is not a chore, so stop making like it's work to shove everything in a machine and push the button.

mmmkay... i'm done. :)
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