Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, July 20

Ok... I need to get back in the swing of morning posts... :)
The days... certainly the weekend days... pile up with non-stop life and next thing I know I get about 15 minutes of computer time in two days.
Not a preferred situation.

In review...
~ wake up saturday morning and cajole the family into the car to take an hour long drive into the Gatineau Hills to find out way to Mont Cascades...
Another winter ski resort with a summer gig that gets the families up.
Last weekend it was zip lines...
This weekend it was a water park. :)

See that yellow and black thing in the background?
Yeah, well screaming-like-a-little-girl comes to mind. :)

We spent the day in the sun, scaring the crap out of ourselves and getting nicely burned on all the spots that didn't get proper sun block spray'age.
I have got to learn to be more complete with the sun block thing. :)

~ Saturday night was all about having friends over... which, of course, means a certain amount of allowable mania associated with cleaning up.
Unfortunately one of the two couples didn't make it... so we spent the evening playing cards, drinking (well, they were drinking... I was ... watching), eating and making merry. :)
After a week of rain... Saturday was perfect.
And today was supposed to be crap.

So I woke up today and got to cutting the lawn before the rain...
... and, of course, it never really rained.
But I did manage to get a hair cut. :) (after the picture above).

BBQ dinner and now... it's late and I'm relaxing before we settle down to watch BB... although BB may have to wait for tomorrow night.
We'll see.

Tomorrow is all about doing a workshop for my clients... so I'm marginally panicked. Only "marginally" though... I'm pretty confident in the outcome of this gig. :)

~ grass cutting...
~ get fishing license renewed...
~ start some plans about leaving for the cottage next weekend. (rent a cottage at this circa 1960's cottage resort and go on a time warp). [ :: We went there last year :: ] This year? My parents are coming and renting a cottage beside us. I anticipate golf... :)
~ that the the nerdular gets through the evening... and enjoys the music. :D
~ for the frag... er... the fragbert to get his new toy...
~ that innerly enjoys her time at home... now that she's there again..
~ and for mylifeasamom to enjoy the land of the surprise tinkle... (soooo been there - and shush la... we're talking about babies :D).

Birthday moments...
Happy day-late birthday to acoolsecretary and andysocial.
Nadz... (acoolsecretary) I hope you are well and that you get to come back some day soon... You deserve a year of comfort... a year of peace. May this be the path you are on.
And Gary... (andysocial)... a very happy birthday to you too... where ever you may be. :D I hope the year ahead brings you surprises you enjoy and moments you'll treasure for ever. :)

So you take an old-skook golf ball and you cut it... cut an inch long crack through the shell.
If it's old enough... there's a ball of tightly wound elastic in there. (It's wrapped about a small rubber ball filled with some weird liquid...)
So yeah... you take a knife and you slice a few of the elastics...
Then you cut a few more.
Then ... some more.
Next thing you know... you start to hear elastics breaking... and you're not cutting.
Then the "breaking" noise gets more intense...
The elastics start to make a distinctive sound as they strain and break...
It's time to throw the golf ball.
Because in a few seconds the little rubber ball in the core is going to be ejected through the one-inch long slit you cut in the golf ball... propelled by a million little pieces of elastic.
Now... cool as this is to do...
The point of my little story is to say:
"Relationships can be a lot like turning an old-skool golf ball into a special effect".
When you hack away at an open wound,
well... pretty soon it's going to get away from you and take on a completely destructive life-of-it's-own.
Do not... ever... cut where the wound is already open.
Best to put the hacking off until you heal up the first cut.

It never rained... it's so fracking humid it's ... just stoooopid.
I'm closing up and turning on the AC. Screw it. :)
See ya.

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