Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

July 13

Dinner at my SILs house for suz's b-day celebration, and for the b-day celeb of two nieces... :D
It was a nice dinner... and it's nice to see my nieces growing up into really interesting and wonderful young women.
They are all off the university this fall... (the first year for the youngest).
I can remember holding all but one of them within days of their birth.
Life is full of wonder.

It's a gray day... but a great day never-the-less. :)
I managed to get up at 8:30 and get a million things done ... including yoga, kitchen, mario kart racing, etc. etc. etc.... before anyone else woke up.
Oh... and I bought an iPhone. :)
Dig it...
it's on special at 199 for the 8 gig phone.
Ok... and somehow, I qualify for a 50$ discount... so it's a 149$.
Meanwhile... the 8 gig iPod Touch is still retailing at costco for over 250$ ...
Added the 6 gig per month data plan for 30$ and I'm golden. :)
It wont arrive for ... 3 - 5 business days... but I can wait.

~ new shorts and loving them...
~ black tee. :)
~ pressure washing the new Rocks!!! :D
~ groceries...
~ and dinner for suz's b-day (Wed) at my folks house...
~ getting to bed early (lol) because I have a big big day tomorrow (work stuff).
~ that kitiara gets her bear!!!
~ to remind aprilfool29 that B&G are truly only fair weather friends... :)
~ that nontradstudent didn't hurt the bird lady... too badly...
~ and to say that kay and her "Kayotic" photograph... is just beautiful stuff!!

Yesterday we went to the Camp Fortune Aeriel Park. (Ski resort doing summer stuff).
We were limited by Eds height... but we were also limited in time.
So next time we go, when Ed is just a wee bit taller... we'll do even more!
But no matter how you slice it... TOTAL FREAK OUT OF COOL.
Clip on - Clip off
Climb high... walk across wires... don't look down...
Obstacles... and Zip Lines!!!!! Just so cool... so fun.
Some random pics...

~ my feet... a wire... and those leaves are the TOPS OF TREES... Just say'en...

K... time to go for groceries. :D
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