Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 9

~ new shorts. :)

It's trying to be a nice day...
Pretty humid... even rained for a bit... but I'm wondering if the skate parks will dry out in the humidity... there's a wind.. hmmmm...

Started Geo out on one of his new "jobs".
He's now the guy that cleans out his dads car every two weeks... Like an hour of whatever it needs.
He's in "anything to earn money" mode. :)

~ up a little later than I planned... but it's a day off so, ... go figure. :)
~ despite being "off"... I gotta get up tomorrow and work on my reports... I'm ahead of sched... but I want it to rock...
~ open the oven and say "oooooooooooooooooo" (I used the "self cleaning" feature for the first time last night. I know... almost two years and ... oh well... It's beautiful now.
~ making "Corto's Amazatron ribs" tonight... (recipe below)
~ watching another (gah) will farell movie (the basketball one). Kids movie night in corto land.
~ that all stays on the good side for cynnerth's lil'Mike...
~ for mapomme_desang to find her happy place...
~ that my far away Nola (teaser) is feeling all kinds of better...
~ and that i_beckygardens gets to her feeling better vibe. :)

"Never been nuth'en before."
a random lyric from Billi Idol.

Makes you think... I mean, lets say you're pretty much always a "something"... and you see a someone who's "never been"
Should you shake your head and mumble loser under your breath?
Or should you do something to build him up out of the "nuthen" rut?
Not your job... right?
Now reflect on all those neighbor interviews after Johnny X shoots up the school (or whatever).
"he was such a nice boy... not special... kinda quiet"
never been nuth'en before.
~ and now he's a somethin...
Maybe all he needed was to not be nuth'en for the last five years in school or ... wherever.

Next time they go on sale, snag a few "strips" of pork back ribs. Toss 'em in the freezer.
Night before... (d'uh) take out a strip and pop 'em in the fridge.
Ribs for Dinner?
Start at least three hours before dinner.
Put on a goodly ("goodly" - lol) pot on the stove 3/4 full of hot water, salt it (1/4 teaspon or shake it a bunch) and turn the heat on.
Cut the ribs into three pieces. (Feeding a family?) fine... use more. :D
~ in a bowl... crush three cloves of garlic ("crushing" is important... brings out more of the zippy flavour - the nicer you are to garlic, the more mild the zip - so in this case, like, insult it's mother and tell it that it looks dumb in those boots)
~ add a few tablespoons of honey...
~ add a few tablespoons of soya (light, dark, whatever)
~ optional - add a few tablespoons of oyster sauce - it's not made from oysters... it's just the name... check the chinese food section)
~ add a few tablespoons of ketchup
~ now add a few more tablespoons of ketchup...
~ add a half cup of orange juice... yes, orange juice
~ shake in chili powder if you like the spice
~ then... add a 1/2 cup of hot hot hot water (makes it easier to stir in the honey) and stir stir stir...
Meanwhile... the ribs are boiling away on the stove... let 'em boil FOR AN HOUR. ("a hour" / "an hour"??)
~ tick tick tick...
Ok, it's been an hour... pick the ribs out of the water, and leave the water to cool 'cuz you'll hurt yourself when you pour it into the sink all hot like that... put a squeeze of dish soap in the hot water so it'll be easy to clean later...
Arrange the ribs meat-side-down in a flat bottom pan (not too big) and pour the sauce over 'em. Lift each piece and make sure they get sauce under them. :)
~ cover with tin foil and in-the-oven-at-350-for-an-hour!! Maybe open 'er up after 30 mins and scoop the bubbling sauce around the ribs...
After an hour, take them out and let them sit on the counter for a while ... like 30 - 45 mins.
Put some wrapped-potatoes in the oven because it's an hour before dinner now. :)
~ turn on the bbq...
~ after the 45 mins of cooling time... bring the ribs to the BBQ and brush on or "dunk 'em in" the sauce from the pan.
They were totally cooked after the boiling water... so the oven was to bake in some flavour, and the BBQ is just to make 'em all sticky and wonderful.
Get the taters out of the oven and serve. :)
Bring lots of napkins. :D :D

Well the iPhone thing just got more complicated... or is that simplified? Decisions decisions...
[ :: read about new data rates from Rogers in the Globe and Mail :: ]

~ ok... time to go mediate as the kids argue about Mario Cart (Wii) ... they're playing against the "world" with the Wii Internet hook-up. :D (very cool)

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