Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, July 8

~ sleepily getting ready to head out... with my cereal er... serial killer smile...

Hit six... count'em... one, two, three, four, five, six!!!! snooze buttons
this morning. Oh baby... it felt good.

So remember we bought a sofa? We bought one at Colonial Furn... it blew...
so they replaced it... and the second one blew worse... so we ixn'ey'ed the
whole deal and started over. Yeah, so back in March we ordered a natuzzi
custom job from sears. We've had today down as "delivery date" for the
whole time. Oh, and we paid when we bought it... pay and wait. dig? We
even got the "automated confirmation call" the other night reminding us
of the impending delivery and the requirement to have an adult at home
to accept it.

Zee took today off work (she doesn't normally work Tuesdays... but still...)
AND IT DIDN'T ARRIVE. We got a call mid morning telling us they had NO
IDEA WHERE OUR SOFA WAS. Nothing... nadda.
OMG gahhhhhhhhh.
"Wait... so stop talking and get me your boss. No really... yes I'll wait..."
dum di dum...
"Are you kidding me? You've had my money for almost four months... and
you have no clue? Get that sorted out... AND GET A SOFA IN MY FAMILY
"Yes, I'll wait."
"What do you mean you don't normally have loaners...?????? So for
"Friday? That's three days... FINE. I'm very unhappy here. Find my furniture
and we'll talk."


~ Off to work for a very non-eventful day of working but having to get some work done in a "be seen" kinda vibe. I'm off (mostly) for the next few days... so today was a bit "key".
~ argue with a store manager... see above...
~ drive home, with visions of a skatepark in the sweltering heat... only to watch one seriously twitchy storm blow in and lay it down for 10 minutes. Enough to invalidate the parks for a few hours of drying time.
~ go with Zee to pick up her car (in again to have the seal around the windshield replaced)
~ go to this kick ass great super wonderful awesome store - right across from the car place. MCL is this restaurant supply company and they have a big ass store front ... Paderno coming out of their ears... A WALL OF SPATULAS (all diff sorts)... so many specialized pots, pans, trays, etc... it was breath-taking. :D :D :D (see WOK below).
~ home to make quick burgers for dinner...
~ then off to a neighbors house for a homeowners association meeting... still El'presidente, so yeah... I gotta go... :D
~ and now? It's now... I'm sitting here typing.
~ I could pay someone to visit gliterybuterfly at her office and open a trench coat naked, with wall to wall watches inside the coat and say "Wanna buy a watch?".
~ that lisabella gets all smart n'stuff and takes it easy (spaz!)...
~ and for the gods to sort things out in the life and fast times of ladymeg1.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-daze... (suburbiadaze) I hope you were able to celebrate your day today and that you get the respect and good times you deserve this year. :)
A very happy birthday to dana7880 ... and may the juice be flowing... :D Have a great day sugar and I hope the year treats you well. :)

I've met Henry Morgentaler. I had lunch with him. Me, two associates
and Henry. It was quite some time ago... mid 80's.
We were the exec of the student's association at Algonquin College (Ottawa)
and we had booked him to speak at the college.
The man was... is... was... whatever... amazing.
He gave up so much... so completely... to pursue something he believed
in strongly enough to warrant the whole "giving up everything" thing...
Great wealth... family... possessions... a personal life... EVERYTHING...
Because he believe women should not be injured, killed or otherwise
damaged physically by having an abortion.
He invented and perfected the vacuum suction method and he laboured
to safe the lives of countless women... young and old.
He motivate healthy (and sometimes less-than-healthy) discourse on the
abortion debate and was a dramatically effective lobby for the legalization
of safe and effective abortions.
He saw the truth of any other possible situation... he lived it and millions of
others had as well....
In the absence of a legal and safe alternative... regardless of any religious
considerations... women will get unsafe abortions and DIE.
Pro-life issues are a lot like those abstinence contracts teen girls are signing...
a big posture position right up until they get to ride the tower of power. So... wtf?

Reading that now two canadian recipients of the Order of Canada have returned
their medallions in protest over Henry Morgentaler being awarded one... truly
makes me wonder how those recipients manage to walk around with those giant
sticks up their asses.

I have looked for YEARS for this...
And found it for like 16$ at this restaurant supply store today...
It's one of those... "Grease it, and bake it for four hours to cure it."
oI'm soooo happy to have this. :D :D

Time off work... with rain in the forecast... JUST PISSES ME OFF TO NO END.

~ k... I gotta git . :D See ya soon.

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