Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 4

So much sunshine...
So beautiful.
The "Ottawa Blues Fest" is this weekend... The folks that organize that must be out-of-their-collective-minds with happiness. :D

~ again with the not-waking-up-at-6 thing and working from my home office. Lots to do... but still on track. (does a happy dance). Presentations are in two weeks. Two weeks from today!
~ Going to the bigger skate park later this'aft...
~ Thinking about renting a movie for tonight. I wish Iron Man would hurry up and become a rental. :D
~ Being reminded... as I type... that I need to take something out for dinner tonight.
~ that my many (many!!!) Amer'can friends here in La La land have a wonderful celebration of their independence day.

You know... that constitution that is at the heart and soul of today's celebration
in America makes it mighty clear that it is the duty of those that seek to uphold it
and live by the grace of it's virtue to replace leaders that threaten the integrity
of the union. So... can anyone explain why the guy in the oval is still there?
Seriously... get busy guys.
It's your duty.

On a ride, on Canada day, and my baseball cap blows off...
Geo's like "Oh man... you should see your hair."

~ sharing time. :)

So some number of months ago, I decided that I wanted very much to teach
my face to accept a razor blade ... versus an electric shaver. This has gone well...
although it took some time to get my neck to stop freaking out with the little red
bumpies and stuff. Now, of course, I'm all agog at how freaking expensive decent
razor blades are and I'm starting to listen to people tell me that 'lectric shavers have
gone up a notch in design... but ... whatever. For now... I'm enjoying the
shave-in-the-shower zone. Of course, picking the right shave cream is also key.
Why am I mentioning this? Specifically because I so love the feeling when I wash
my face during one of those "I'm not a girl" moments (no makeup) and can just
decide to reach into the water and bring a refreshing soak'en to my face ... which
I do quite a lot actually... When I do that in the morning... my face feels soooo
smooth. :) er... this is only a big deal because... for like twenty years I simply
never had that. I could never get a decent shave from the time I started shaving
until I hit my 40's.
Sad but true.

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