Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Judgment is viral.
Harsh judgment... doubly so.
It's a hard hard thing... to do other than give it back when it comes a'calling.

But there in lay the true test of a person in the world.
You'll not soon change the judg'en ways of someone else.
So you best stick to what you can possibly do... hard as it may be.

Judge not your harshest critic and find instead some small quality worth shining a light on.
If you can't find one... then you ought to just shoot 'em dead.
Then kill yerself... 'cuz yer a murder'en bastard.

You, the world around you and all the people in it... grow a little,
When the cycle of judgment is broken.

Besides ...
You sleep a whole lot better when you get the posture that comes from just being better-than... instead of same-as.

Now go... and no kill'en.
That part was just fer fun.

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