Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 30

Unbelievable... so much rain, thunder and lightening, over the last week... and today? Monday dawns brilliant and seven different kinds of beautiful.
Just beautiful.
(Sigh... what am doing at work?).

Ok... now it's several hours after writing most of this post... and I'm home from work.
And all that "beautiful" stuff...
... out the window... getting soaked by the heavy rain.
wowza. This has been the wettest June I can remember.

Dear July:
Please show June what's what and make it feel ashamed.

~ up and at'em... it's a "Dead Monday" with Tuesday being a national holiday (Canada Day), so while government and commerce is "open for business" today... the offices that I work at are going to be freaking ghost towns. (And true to form... both the meetings I had scheduled - and confirmed on Friday - were rescheduled for later this week.)
~ get out of work a bit early... and check on suz's car - it's in having a small problem with leaking water fixed (passenger door frame has a leak that makes me think the car was poorly repaired at some point... GRRRRR!)
~ if I'm lucky? Take Geo to the "big skate park" and kill a couple of hours there. :)
~ watch more firefly... totally digging the show... and the boys ... loving it! :D :D
~ that razzberee enjoys the extra bucks...
~ for evangelinaarion to live through this round...
~ that I could afford the time to go and cook for sassy_red_head... (mostly 'cuz I'd get to squeeze a new baby. :D)
~ and to say it's nice to hear from kea :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a busy busy mom... kaleidoscopeeye. May your twins keep on being wonderful and may the year ahead keep you all healthy and happy so you can enjoy them. :)

Chalk up another event to be added to the WAREHOUSE of good reasons to TOTALLY REMOVE parents from childrens sports.
[ :: CBC Story about parents that were banned from the local hockey "plex" after a brawl over a 5 year old's hockey game :: ]
Not only does this story add to the cultural unrest over hockey and youth...
It drops a cherry on the bowl of reasons why I think hockey parents are freaks and weirdos.
If you can't go through a season - let alone a game - of your kids' hockey without getting going-postal levels of agitated, then I have to truly wonder why your child is in hockey in the first place? What unresolved issues do these parents have that they think they're going to sort out by using their kid as a pawn in their insane effort to purge their inner demons?
And don't start...
I don't want to hear about "Oh some parents ruin it for the rest of "us" ... like you're all special.
I suppose you think the parents that were involved in this (let alone "any of the reported") brawl would have tagged themselves as "likely to explode and do something ridiculous" at the start of the season. "Excuse me, but will you be starting any fights in the stands or yelling expletives or death threats from the stands this season? Yes? Oh well you're a crazy person and you're not allowed to come to the games." HA! Right.
You're all a bunch of freaks...
I've been through six seasons of kids soccer and even some basket ball... and seeing as the professional level of those sports do not - BY DESIGN - factor mad aggression, fighting, and bullying into their game plan, it never gets dorky like the reports about hockey..
There is only one answer to this problem... and no, it's not "Arming the parents at the gate and letting the chips fall."
Screw your school yard zero tolerance programs that turn our kids into milky white plain toast...
Acknowledge that Hockey is not like other team sports and accept a new plan for the house leagues.
"Zero tolerance" should be the rule for the idiot parents.
Seeing as banning parents from the arena outright isn't going to work...
Total silence from the stands... no cheering, supporting, or participating in any way shape or form from the parents.
Say anything above a whisper to your neighbor and you should be removed from the arena to wait for your kid in the car.
Resistance should be met with formal, criminal charges of mischief and - likely - assault.
Let the kids play hockey if that's just gotta happen, ... but we have to put a stop to the idiot parents.
How many of those kids wont be back next season when mom or dad internalize the notion that they don't get to act out their aggression at the games?

BNL: If I had a million dollars.
~ dates itself in that... well... we now most emphatically do indeed have pre-wrapped bacon.

Dig it!!!!
This guy in Sweeden is dealing with a school that seized his kids birthday invites because he invited everyone in class 'cept the two kids who bullied him earlier in the year. They called it discrimination. Dad, of course, is lodging a complaint.
holy milky-white-toast bat man...

~k, see ya. :)

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