Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 29

Still got my fbi hat... :D

Sunshine... wispy clouds... and jet planes.

We went to sit on the highway beside the airshow... saw fun sky writing, some old prop fighters and then got board waiting for the jets.
Now we're home... and all I can hear is jets. :( I like loud freaky vertical fly'en fighter jets.
Sadly, it's too long a wait to sit with little kids...

~ up to greek a random shopper who was sched'd to come pick up something we had listed in Kajiji (Ottawa on-line garage sale thing)
~ yard work...
~ drive to some spot on the highway near the air show...
~ go to Canadian Tire and buy some round-up before it's made illegal... (next year).
~ get some weed chems... evil evil... but I'm rather sparing so... tough.
~ and enjoy some relaxing. :)
~ that honuhoney... finds her buns...
~ for hisbeauty to dig her deck zone... (go you!)
~ a happy six-year-ani to byron
~ and to tell cynnerth that I'm glad her mike is safe. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy late birthday wish (Yesterday) out to Jen (whataboutjen). I hope this year keeps your heart safe and filled with love. :)
And for today...
Happy birthday out to a long long time Lj friend... caroline75. May the wonderful events that have brought you from where you were (?) six years ago to now... keep on bringing you happiness.
Happy birthday misanthropoid... May the year ahead keep you safe... and without major truck repairs. :D
And to my nancy... :D :D Happy birthday cybersweetie. Have a wonderful trip and I do hope the next year builds new layers on the love your feeling.

There are three kinds of weed (And I mean, pesty things growing on your lawn, not fun stuff making you cough).
1. Dandelions.
2. Weeds
3. Prickely's
No doubt folks dedicate their lives to know all kinds of other names... but honestly... who cares? :D
(Death to them all!!!)

We celebrated my moms seventy fifth birthday last night.
I'm very very glad that I have my parents genes.
They both look so young for their ages and are so active in their senior years.
~ and ps. My mommy is the official and original super-mom. All other super-moms are super via comparison to her. period. :D

~ alrighty... Canadian Tire is calling to me...

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