Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 22

Sunshine... clouds... storms... rain... sunshine... clouds.
Story of my life I suppose.

My heart goes out to the people who life in the flood ravaged areas across the US. It just boggles me to imagine that kind of harsh reality. Gah!!!

~ well... there was a storm last night... and seeing as I went to bed at 3... it was sometime between 3:01 and 9:30. Power out... everything wet and sticks strewn across the yard. Too bad I slept through... it was likely big fun. :) So wake up and reset all the clocks... make a bacon and processed cheese grilled cheese sammich (big yum) and start sorting out HomeDepot gear from the basement project that goes in the "return pile".
~ shower up and get the car loaded... drive to Home Depot. Drive home again... get my wallet and then drive back to HD for 300 bones + in refunds (weeee).
~ skate park... it was so windy and totally sunny-warm that I figure the water must be gone and ta-da... So I got an hour in at the park before groceries.
~ the kids have three days of school left. I got gooooood stuff for three days of lunches. :D :D
~ now? relaxing and getting sorted to go to my SIL's for dinner.
~ to offer my condolances to balljar and his family...
~ and to congratulate sassy_red_head on the early buy healthy birth of her little boy.!!!!
~ (and any relationship between those two wishes... is purely the glory of the earth godess winding her way into our lives).

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to Laurie (hisbeauty) ... gosh 29 already!!! May the wonderful strides through life you have taken continue to reward you with happiness, good health and a great outlook on life.
Happy birthday to my long lost bair. May the world be taking good and careful care of you.
And happy birthday to the seemingly ever-present Sugar-Yabba-Dabba! (baybabayba). I do truly hope that you and your little one (not so little anymore, I'd wager) are well and happy.
Oh and happy birthday to jobunches too! I hope this year brings you many good reasons to post about happy times. :)

You know what really cheeses me off? (hahaha I can hear you saying "Now what?")
The Conservative party (minority parliament in Canada) is running these negative "anti liberal policy plans" advertisements on the radio... and (the cheese-off part) they have scripted them to try and blend in with the radio talent. So you have one guy talking all edgy-top-forty-radio-jock-like in the forground and another guy he's theoretically just called up on the phone and they're slamming the other parties policy and cracking jokes. Of course, it ends with "this has been approved by the conservative party ... blah blah blah".
It just sounds of fricking childish. I'd respect an advert that pointed out the negative issue... but just being a dick about it... doesn't do a thing for the Conservative Party of Canada.

How stressed would you get about your 10 year old boy playing with a magnafying glass in the sun... burninating bits of things? I guess I'm a bad judge of this... having been arrested when I was er... 11 for burninating plastic bags in a park at night (the melting, flaming plastic makes this totally cool star-wars-topedo sound when it drips). But I just can't get chuffed about Ed playing with the mag-glass and the hot sun. He'll burn himself, and get smart... or smarter. But if I try to supervise or (god forbid) stop-him... he'll just get sneaky.

gotta get the thumb-bandaids going again... sigh. :(

K, see ya soon.
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