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Thursday, June 19

Suit boy... up and at 'em early 'nuf to make the 8:15 meeting with client boss eighteen gazillion miles away through morning go-getter traffic.
I actually tuck a clean dish towel into my collar while I drive the commute...
Like a nappy to protect el'shirt'n'tie from spaz-master-coffee-drinker.
~ "Good morning Ginette..."
"Ah... Andrew. Good morning. You know todays meeting is a 12:30 ..."
sigh..."no, I had forgotten... however, we could pretend I only dropped in to say 'hey'."
"Ok... lets do that."

~ early out - for no good reason - but a very productive morning. Another interview and getting busy with flow charts...
~ excellent client meeting at... 12:30. All is indeed on track and making my client all smiley and stuff.
~ home to work on the pumps for the waterfalls in our community park. Stunningly... i got it to work. I did a happy dance on an enormous rock beside the busy-getting-wet waterfall.
~ make this wicked garlic chicken thing... essentially sauté'en bare long-half-chicken-breasts that have been stuffed with frozen garlic butter bullets in a pan with a bunch of cut up red and green peppers... all under a lid... becoming totally awesome.
~ that honuhoney gets to put that fire out soon. :( Oh, and did you read that FO post of hers... about being radioactive and from a distant galaxy?
~ for tonya to see Josh on the other side of this stage... he'll be ok sugar-t. :D
~ that thisismostlyme gets to feeling better.
~ that my totally wonderful sugar-nugget Little c (carorules)... keeps her sense of humor over the next 40 seconds or so...
~ and that my little canuckgirl finds her way to an energizer bunny. :D

God I love these... [ :: click me for 'no5.wav' to play :: ]. It's a snarfed PA announcement in Heathrow Airport...

A Cop that thinks Taze'en a fourteen year old...
four times...
a sixteen year old...
five times....
is fine under any conceivable condition...
and does't file reports on their copious use of the Taze in probe mode
is a total and pathetic pussy.
Long of the pussy... very short on the policing.

~ wanted to write about that 12 year old girl that was posting pics of herself in her facebook that her daddy said "no no no" to...(12 years old) and was grounded... but really wanted to go on the school trip ... (12 years old)... so she SUED HER DAD in court... (12 years old) and the judge... upheld her complaint.
But it's a rat hole of more-information going on about custody, separations, and blah blah blah... so you know the headlines are sensational.
However... it all happened in Quebec.
So... go figure.
Quebec: Home of the "Allo Police" news-rag.

Totally totally inspired while driving home...
A great idea for a gruesome dinner for companions during the Halloween season.
The David Cronenburger: ground serloin, bbq to medium rare, and melt a slab of cheese into a bloody crack down the middle of the patty, on a lovely fresh whole wheat bun.
Served with the Zack Snyder fries: potato wedges, breaded in crushed black corn chips, deep fried...
And follow up with a Tom Green Fruit Salad: melon ball'ed honeydew with peeled lychee nuts and ONE well washed and unpeeled spikey bubbly lychee nut.
Oh yum.

K. Gotta go . :D See ya soon.

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